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A group of lions is called a pride.

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Does the lion live in a social group?

Yes, the lion lives in a group called a pride.

What is a group of mountain lions called?

Since the mountain lion is a solitary animal, there is no word to describe a group of them, Unlike the lion which is a social animal and live in a group called a pride. Thus the mountain lion is not technically a lion.

Does a lion live in a large group called a pride?

Yes. The male is normally not in the group all the time. Females stick together.

What is a group of African lion cubs called?

A group of lions is called a pride. There is no special name for a group of lion cubs.


In the movie the lion king where did they live

How did Lion Rock get its name?

It's actually called Pride Rock. And it got its name because the lions of the African savanna in The Lion King live there. And a group of lions is called a pride.

What is the name of the leader lion in a group?

The lead lion is referred to as the alpha.

Is a lion group called a pride?

Is a lion a pride? yes it is a pride.

What is a good topic sentence about a lion?

the group a lion belongs to is parathea

What animal group does a lion belong in?

The lion is a vertebrate (Chordata) and a mammal.

Where does a lion stay or live?

the lion stays in its den

In what animal group is the lion?

panthera leo and the group felides

Do the golden lion tamarins stick together?

Golden lion tamarins do live in groups. The group works together to raise the young, watch out for predators, and they share resources, such as food. However, when a youngster reaches maturity, it will leave the group to find a different one.

What do golden lion tamarins live in?

Golden Lion Tamarin Monkeys live in the tropical rainforest.

What is a group of wild cats called?

There are 2 different words for it. "Clutter" or "Clowder".A group of wild cats is called "A destruction"

Is a lion 200 years old?

No, no lion can live that long

Does a mountain lion live in groups or does it live alone?

Except for a mother with her cubs, the mountain lion is a solitary animal.

What animal rules the jungle?

The lion is called the king of the jungle but the lion does not live in the jungle. The lion prefers the savanna. The tiger does live in the jungles of Asia and the jaguar in the Americas. They deserve the title more than the lion.

Is aldi bros buying Food Lion?

No. Food Lion is owned by Delhaize Group.

Does a lion live by itself or with others?

they live with others, the group is called a pride. its unusual for a lion to live on its own, the only time a lion lives on its own is when its been kicked out of the pride or if its a male looking for a new pride to take over. male lions are usually kicked out of the pride by females and by the alpha male because the alpha male sees the young males as a threat to his status.

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