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wat group does silver belong to

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What group does silver belong to in the periodic table?

Silver belongs to group 11 in the periodic table of the elements.

What group or family does silver belong in the periodic table?

Silver is a Transition Metal.

What class of minerals do gold silver and copper belong to?

Gold, Silver and Copper belong to the native elements mineral group.

Which groups does pure silver belong to?

Pure silver is in group 11 on the periodic table. It is also a precious metal.

Cw belong which group?

what group is arclic belong to what group is arclic belong to

What periodic family does the element silver belong to?

Silver is in period 5, group 11, the family is called the copper family or the coinage metals

Which group of vertebrates do humans belong to?

The vertebrate group in which humans belong to is the mammal group.Humans belong to the Mammal group.

What group does the bees belong to?

they belong to the insects group

What group does pure silver belong in and why?

It belongs to group 11. This is because it has a single electron in the p sub-shell and all inner shells are full.

What group does Cytosine and Thymine belong to?

They belong to the pyrimidine group.

What invertebrate group does scorpion belong to?

They belong to the group of arachnids.

What group does a hamster belong to?

Hamsters belong to the group of rodents.

What group does the alkaline earth metals belong to?

The alkaline earth metals belong to group 2A elements. The alkali metals belong to group 1A elements. The halogens belong to group 7A elements. The noble gases belong to group 8A elements.

What group of animals does a penguin belong to?

A Penguin belong to the group of birds

Which group does a butterfly belong to?


What group of Biomolecules do enzymes belong to?

To what group of biomolecules do enzymes belong to?

What group of algae does kelp belong to?

Brown. They belong to the group phaeophyta.

Which group do diamonds belong to?

Diamond belong to the Igneous rock group!!

Which group does an ant belong?

ants belong to the bugs group.

What group do worms belong to?

Worms belong to the segmented worm group.

What group did dinosaurs belong to?

Dinosaurs were reptiles.

What word does not belong in the group with the other words gold copper glass silver?

Glass is the only one not on the periodic table.

What food group do cereal bars belong to?

They belong in the food group that cereal bars belong in, whatever it is.

What group does a rhino belong to?

Rhinoceroses belong to the pachyderm group or the thick skinned group. Hippopotamuses and elephants are in that group, too.

To what group of placental mammals do dogs belong to?

Dogs belong to the group endotherms.

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