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Silver belongs to the Group 11. This is a group of elements in the Periodic Table that consists of copper, silver, gold and roentgenium.

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Q: What group or family is silver in?
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What group and family are silver in?

Silver belongs to copper family, group 11.

What family does silver in?

copper family group 11 or IB

What family does silver belongs in?

copper family group 11 or IB

What group or family does silver belong in the periodic table?

Silver is a Transition Metal.

What periodic family does the element silver belong to?

Silver is in period 5, group 11, the family is called the copper family or the coinage metals

What family is silver in?

Period Number: 5 Group Number: 11.

Silver belongs to the what family?

Silver (Ag) is a transition metal, found group (column) 1B on the periodic table.

A family group of gorillas is led by an adult male called a?

silver back

What is group 11 on the periodic table?

Group 11 is copper family and contains copper, silver, gold and rontgenium.

What is copper's family name and family members?

Group 14 in the periodic table of Mendeleev: copper, gold, silver.

What are the members of the silver family in the Periodic Table?

In the Periodic Table of Elements, the family that contains silver is Group 11, previously called Group IB. It is sometimes informally called the coinage metals or the copper family. This group contains the following elements:coppersilvergoldroentgenium - a synthetic radioactive element first synthesized in 1994

Do gorillas live a solitary or do they live in small bands?

The gorilla (mountain and lowland) live in family bands with an alpha male (a silver-back as in the mountain gorilla) governing breeding rights over group females. It is the silver-back's duty to protect the family group.

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