Cougars, Mountain Lions, and Pumas

What group is a puma in?


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the puma group is called the felines


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Did you mean "What is the scientific name of the puma"? The scientific name for the puma is Puma concolor.

Cougars are solitary animals except for females with their young.

The puma or mountain lion is Puma Concolor.

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The puma is a solitary animal. Mothers and kittens live together, if that counts as a group.

Fruit plants - Racoon - Puma OR Grass - Deer - PumaThe puma, or mountain lion, is a top predator.

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No, the puma is an obligate carnivore. It eats no plants.

The puma is in the kingdom Animalia.

The scientific name of a puma is Puma concolor. Verify this by clicking on this link.

Fruit plants - Racoon - Puma OR Grass - Deer - Puma

puma are called roduft dassedlal

Yes if I am correct Puma is Italian

Puma is one of the very few sports clothing companies that does not have a tagline or slogan. The Puma brand logo features a silhouette of a puma in mid-jump.

Puma concolor is the revised scientific name for a puma.

The puma shoe was made in 1948.

the classification of a puma is that is an animal and is an invertabrate and is a mammal

Genus: Puma Species: concolor

No, a puma and a jaguar are different species.

Puma shoes are a famous brand of shoes.

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