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They are known to be originate from aryans and the language from which Hindi originate is Devnagri

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Q: What group or people did Hinduism originate?
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What year did Hinduism originate?

Hinduism started in 150 B.C.

What area of the world did Hinduism originate?

Hinduism originated in India.

Where did hinduism originate?


What 2 groups of people began Hinduism?

Hinduism is Believed to originate from the lord creator himself. according to historians, aryans and Dravidians made present day Hinduism by combining their ideologies.

Which group of people first practiced monotheism?

The people who worshiped Hinduism.

In what country did Hinduism originate?


How many people are in the Hinduism religious group?

About 900 million.

In which country did Hinduism and Buddhism originate?


What group of people migrated into India and established Hinduism?

Mainly Aryans moved into India. Hinduism was founded by Aryans in India.

Where did Hinduism and Buddhism originate?

Hinduism origin cannot be authenticated. Lord Buddha established Buddhism.

What did Hinduism most likely originate from?

Most likely Hinduism is originated from Brahmanism. Brahmanism was the Religion of Aryans and became Hinduism after they came into India.

Where abauts in the world did Hinduism originate?

Hinduism was originated in India & indus valley. Hinduism was known as Brahmanism before coming to India.

Where did Buddhism and Hinduism originate?

They both originated in India. They both originated in different years though. Hinduism originated as early as 4000 BCE but Buddhism did not originate till about 536 BCE.

Did Hinduism originate from Islam?

No. Hinduism preceded the birth of Mohammed by nearly 2000 years and has a fundamentally polytheistic basis.

How is the caste system connected to the religion of Hinduism?

based on the profession the group of people involve in.

In which Hinduism and Buddhism originate?

Hinduism originated from Lord Brahma himself. While Buddhism originated from Lord Buddha or siddhartha.

Who is the person of Hinduism?

if you mean who was the founder of Hinduism, nobody knows the answer to it. All Hindus or people who practise Hinduism are 'people of Hinduism'.

What religion did not originate in India Hinduism Buddhuism Sikhism Zoroastrianism?


What group of people did the Vedas belong to?

hinduism or budhuism i think that how you spell it lol hope this helps?:()

What is the trimertey in Hinduism?

the trimertey are the group of gods in hinduism Vishnu,Shevia and Bramin

What city did hinduism originate?

The city where Hinduism is believed to have originated from is known as Sindhu which across the river Indus. This was in the found in the north Indian region.

Where did gangs originate from?

one group liked pumpkin pie the other people didn't

Where does the name farquhar originate from?

The name Farquharson comes from a group of people call the Scottish

Why is Hinduism important to people?

Hinduism is not a separate entity or a religion for the people but it is the way of life.People breath essence of Hinduism.

Where do the Hinduism people worship?

Hinduism people worship in a Temple/Mandir