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low-paid workers and their families

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Q: What group was described as working class?
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Another word for large group of working class people?

Blue collar workers is another description for a large group of working class people.

What is a rottweiler class?

Rottweilers are classed in the Working Group.

Which group did the Democratic Party appeal to the most?

The working class

What group of Americans were affected by the draft?

Working-class men

What is the subgroup for class?

The term "subgroup" typically refers to a smaller group within a larger group. In the context of "class," a subgroup could refer to a smaller group of students within a class who are working on a specific project or assignment together.

Which group of people was used to described by the term working class?

The working class generally refers to a group of people who perform manual labor and are typically employed in jobs that require physical exertion. They often earn wages rather than salaries and may have limited access to higher education and socioeconomic mobility. The working class is commonly associated with blue-collar occupations such as factory workers, construction workers, and service industry employees.

Political participation among Americans can best be described as a activiity?

political participation among Americans can best be described as a ______ activity? a. futile b. middle-class dominated c. female-dominated d. working-class dominated

What group was least helped by Adams smiths invisible hand?

(Apex) Working-class people employed by unregulated businesses.

What is a group of students working together?

What a Group of Students is CalledA group of students is called a class and is often referred to as (name of teacher)'s class to distinguish one class from another. However, the generalized term 'gaggle' is also applied to a group of students in the comic strip Piled Higher and Deeper by Jeorge Cham, PhD.

What was the working class called according to Karl Marx?

According to Karl Marx, the working class was called the proletariat. They were the group of individuals who sold their labor for wages in order to survive, and Marx believed they were exploited by the capitalist class.

Which term described individuals different areas of expertise working together?

Interdisciplinary team describes a group of individuals with different areas of expertise working together.

How did members of working class react to their new experiences in industrial cities?

The working class endured the conditions in the working houses as long as they had jobs. A group of workers called the Luddites smashed machines that took away their jobs.