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Q: What group was most affected by the passage of the Civil War amendments?
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The group adversely affected by the passage of the Sugar Act 1764 was?

in the American history

Which group has been affected by Guatemalan civil and political unrest?

Native Mayan People

Which group has been most affected by Guatemala's civil and political unrest?

native mayan people

What group helped spur passage of the 1991 civil rights act?

Flipino American workers in the Alaskan Salmon canneries

The group most adversely affected by the passage of the Sugar Act 1764 was?

New England merchants who had to buy the sugar from the suppliers with high taxes.

What is the special name given to the 13th 14th and 15th amendments as a group?

The thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments are called the reconstruction amendments

How do you divide the 27 amendments into 3 groups?

27 amendments divided into three groups gives you 9 amendments per group.

What group of people are affected by economic laws?

Everybody no matter what group they are in is affected by economic laws.

What group did the Reconstruction Amendments aim to assist?

slaves and former slaves

What age group is most affected by Down syndrome?

No age group is affected; Down syndrome is a chromosome condition that is with you at birth.

Which historian group was affected by lack of a uniform and stable currency?

The Confederate army during the Civil War did not initially have a standard uniform. The Confederacy also suffered from a lack of stable currency.

What group was most affected by the sedition act?

The Democratic Republicans were most affected