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I believe if I remember my history correctly that Hitler disliked anyone who was not blond haired and blue eyed, ie... Jewish, Polish. etc.


Undesirable, in Hitler's eyes, included a long list of groups. See the related questions.

Jews, polish, homosexuals, gypsies, and Jehovah witness

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Q: What groups of people did Hitler consider undesirables?
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Related questions

Which groups of people were NOT targets of Hitler's elimination of undesirables?

the list of groups who were not targets would go on for pages, it is easier to list who was a target:

What did Hitler label Jewish people as?

He labeled them as "Undesirables."

What groups of people did hitler consider undesirable?

Not only Jews were persecuted during the Nazi reign in Germany, but Slavs, gypsies, handicapped people, people of color, and anyone that did not agree with Hitler were tortured and killed.

Why were the Jews considered undesirables?

People thought that they would take over with their success, so Hitler and the Nazi party labeled them as undesirables and then took over. So He and his party did what he didnt want the Jews to do..ironic, huh?

What groups of people were executed during the Holocaust?

They were mainly Jewish people, gypsies, lesbian/gay people, black people, or any undesirables that didn't fit Hitler's "perfect race" that were executed during the holocaust. If you go to your local library there will probably be a lot of books and information regarding this topic.

Who were the people and groups that resisted Hitler?

Jehovah's Witnesses resisted Hitler.

Did Hitler consider the protestants to be perfect people?

no no

Which was NOT an action of Adolf Hitler He tried to rid the world of people he saw as undesirables. He seized Austria. He seized Manchuria. He seized Poland.?

Adolf Hitler did not seize Manchuria, it was the Japanese that seized Manchuria starting in 1931.

How many people were murdered in the concentration camps?

Six million Jews and five million "undesirables" were killed in concentration camps or elsewhere. The undesirables were people Hitler deemed not welcome in the pure Aryan Europe he dreamed of ruling. They were mentally ill, feeble minded, dwarves, human with anomalies and deformities, communists, Hitler's enemies, and anyone else he chose to throw in the concentration camps and extermination camps.

Did some people agree with Adolf Hitler?

Many people did and many people still do. Anti-Semitism is still quite prevalent in the world, so quite a number of people believe that Hitler was in the right when he chose to murder 6 million Jews and 5 million other dissidents or undesirables.

Was Mein Kampf a good book?

well that depends. it was what Hitler wrote when he was about to rule Germany. it was basically just listing what he was planning to do the the Jewish people and other "undesirables". i would say no. :)

Which groups of people suffered first under the Hitler regime?


How many non jews were killed during World War 2?

Over 5 million catholics gypes, people with mental or physical disabilities, and others who Hitler found as undesirables

Which group did Hitler and the Nazi's consider superior to other people?

The Aryan race.

What groups of people were supposed to be exterminated under Hitler's final solution?

The Jews.

What were Benito Mussolini's principles?

Rule with an iron fist, oppress your people and he worshiped himself and his own power. He did not however condone the genocide of the Jews and Undesirables that was done by the Nazis and he told Hitler he should stop.

What skin color and hair color did Hitler consider his master race?

People with Blonde Hair and Blue eyes were favoured by Hitler and therefore not kileld by him.

To what groups of people did Hitler appeal?

Most of Germany liked Hitler they beleived he could restore Germany. Mussolini liked him too as well as Hirohito.

What is the true fact of Hitler wanting to kill the Jews?

Yes. Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jewish people. This is a true fact. He created a massive network of death camps, concentration, camps, work camps, and ghettos designed for systematic elimination of the Jews and other Undesirables.

Why are the minority groups do not consider themselves the Han people?

because they feel outcasted

Do people support today what Hitler did to the Jews?

Generally, no people do not support Hitlers actions.There are however some groups of people who deny any thing did happen and claim the holocaust is propaganda. There are also neo-nazi groups that support what Hitler and the nazi party did during WW II.

Why did Hitler want to eliminate groups such as Jews Blacks and homosexuals?

Hitler eliminated Jews and Homosexual people because he felt they were sub-human. However, Europe didn't have any Black people in the 1930's so Hitler didn't target Black people.

What does undesirables mean?

It is a euphemism for people found 'objectionable' in some way, often individuals or groups at a lower socio-economic level: unemployed, lower income, higher incidence of criminal activity.

What types of groups did Hitler kill?

Some of the groups Hitler targeted were Jewish people, the mentally handicapped, the elderly and physically handicapped, Catholics, and gypsies. Hitler was trying to create his own perfect race of blue eyed, blonde haired, fair skinned people. Anyone that didn't fit those slim parameters needed to be executed.

What groups of people did Hitler and the Nazis lump together under the title of degenerate?

Cool people that think that they are better then the. Rest of us