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What guess has Gollum made?


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Gollum guesses that Bilbo has found his magic ring.


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My guess is that Smaug would eat Gollum.

Smeagol turns into Gollum when he kills his friend Deagol and takes the One Ring from him. Gollum was the name other hobbits would give him because he made that "gollum" sound in his throat. So the one we know as Gollum is born.

Gollum. The name was given to him by his relatives, due to the "gollum" noise he made in his throat.

Bilbo said, talking to himself, "what have i got in my pocket?" (it was the Ring). Gollum thought it was a riddle and Bilbo decided to make it one. he gave Gollum three chances to guess and gollum lost after four. then gollum went "to get something" (it was the ring), and Bilbo thought he was abandoned and left with the ring on. Gollum thought Bilbo knew the way out and he wanted to follow him, realizing Bilbo had the ring. Bilbo saw Gollum racing towards the gate and followed him to safety.

funny i guess Daffy would probally be Gollum because Gollum has a taste for a magic ring and Daffy has a taste for gold

a fan-made film based on Aragorn's life before the fellowship, focusing on when he was a ranger hunting for Gollum

After Bilbo puts on the Ring and turns invisible, Gollum cannot find him, and thinks he has made his way towards the exit. Gollum heads to the exit and Bilbo follows him.

He was named for the sound he made. It was a sort of 'gollum' sound deep in his throat.

Bilbo wins when Gollum can not guess what is in his (Bilbo's) pockets

Gollum was created in 1937.

Gollum... Gollum........

Bilbo recognized that Gollum used to be much like him, and that he had the potential to become just like Gollum. He knew the pull the ring had on Gollum.

Gollum lost the ring cause the ring has a mind of it own It had no use for gollum .

Bilbo asks Gollum "What's in my pocket" (the Ring) and Gollum cannot answer.

Who said he did not? Gollum was imprisoned in Mirkwood.

Andy Serkis played Gollum.

personally i think gollum

Gollum lived in the Misty Mountains:)

No, Gollum is a victim of evil.

Gollum browser was created in 2005.

Gollum, believing that Bilbo already knows the way out of the cave, leads an invisible Bilbo to the exit. Gollum also believed Bilbo to have his ring (his precious), so he fervently searched for him. However, Bilbo not knowing the way out of the tunnels, indeed found freedom by following Gollum. And indeed Bilbo did have the magic ring and was able to follow Gollum undiscovered because the ring made him invisible.

Over many years the ring affected Smeagol's integrity and humanity. technically, Gollum is still Smeagol, but he can barely remember being associated with that name as he lived a solitary life. He is known as gollum, as the one ring made him into something un human, or to be specific, un hobbit. The name Gollum comes from the coarse chest cough that he is seen doing; as it sounds like he's saying 'Gollum'

He grabbed the ring in Mt. Doom and Gollum fell over the edge, Gollum fell into the lava with his beloved ring.

He doesn't kill Gollum, Gollum dies in The Return Of The King by falling into Mount Doom with the one ring.

Anyone who couldn't guess the answer to the other person's question would have to pay a certain price: Gollum would have to show Bilbo the way out of the cave system is he lost, and Bilbo would be eaten by Gollum if he lost.

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