What haa a dark top and a white bottom?

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A bull shark
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Why are clouds gray on the bottom and white on the top?

why clouds are gray on bottom. . Clouds are only gray on bottom when they are ready to let go of all of the moisture and pollution in them. which means they are gray when it is going to rain.

Are dark bottom pools safe?

Yes they are, seeing the bottom of a dark bottomed pool is not difficult at all contrary to the opinions of some

Why do lakes freeze from top to bottom?

It's because ice is less dense than water, therefore it floats, this helps the species of the lake survive in winter time because the ice acts as an insulator.

What is the rank of degrees from top to bottom?

For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section (Types of Degrees and Certificates) indicated below.

Why are most fish light on the bottom side and dark on the top side?

In general, within a body of water, the background is lighter if you look up (towards the sun, or at least the sky) than if you look down (towards the mud at the bottom).\n. \nSo fish which are colored dark on the top and light on the bottom blend in better with the background than they would if th ( Full Answer )

Why is an orca dark at the top and light at the bottom?

A killer whale's coloration is a form of camoflage called 'countershading'. When viewed from above, the orca's black back helps it blend into the dark water; when viewed from below, the white belly helps it blend into the light from the surface. In addition, the darker coloring of the back might pro ( Full Answer )

Dark spots on bottom of feet?

i have a lot of black spots on the bottom of my feet. They have only been notice for about one year now. Please advice me on what the problem can be.

Small white pill with re on top 23 on bottom?

Pill imprint RE 23 has been identified as Furosemide 40 mg . Furosemide is used in the treatment of heart failure; edema; high blood pressure; renal failure; oliguria and more. It belongs to the drug class loop diuretics. ** Risk cannot be ruled out during pregnancy. ** .

My betta fish is red which ussually means hes a male but today there are a bunch of little white balls on the bottom of the tank and floating at the top. what are these?

I don't know where you got that funny idea about male Bettas usually being red. It is totally incorrect. Male Bettas come in Blue, Green, Red, Purple and any combination of those. They even come with those coloured fins and a cream coloured contrasting body too. The little white balls you see are pr ( Full Answer )

What flag is white on the top half green on the bottom with a red eagle?

The Brandenburg flag depicts a stylized red German eagle on a smallwhite shield, which is centered on a flag with one broad red stripeon the top and a broad white stripe on the bottom. This eaglerepresents the Mark of Brandenburg, which was an independent Duchy.After the Second World War, when Pruss ( Full Answer )

What has a bottom as a top?

Examples of things that have a top and a bottom are: . Your legs . a box . a building . a mountain . a bottle . a staircase . a garment . a test tube . a page . a vehicle . a tree . a hole in the ground

How dark is the ocean bottom?

The bottom of the ocean is a dark color because light cannot penetrate through the bottom of the ocean.

What is the ratio of top to bottom pay?

The answer will depend on where: in what organisation, in which country. In my company, for example, the ratio is 1 - since I am the only person.

Why do frogs have a light colored bottom and a dark top?

Think of it like this..... If a predator is looking down from the sky, the dark top of the frog will blend well with the ground and dark waters. And if a predator under the water looks up to the surface, the bottom of the frog would blend well with the sky. So frogs have light bottoms and dark tops ( Full Answer )

How do you know if you are bottom or top in sex?

Well first you'd have to try both positions. If the girl is on top her vagina becomes more tight then it would be if she were laying down. And that can feel really good for the guy. If it is your first time, have the girl be on the bottom first then decide.

What has a bottom on its top?

ure momma------ A Mr. Potato Head. Technically everything on it is its top and the pouch it considered it bottom so a Mr. Potato Head has a bottom on its top! TAY TAY RULES No. Tay Tay doesn't rule because you're wrong. LEGS actually have a bottom on it's top.. lolll

Is Barney Frank a top or a bottom?

He is so effeminate and always twisting to display his posterior, I feel he is a bottom. Hia partner is more masculine perhaps. Based on his odd speech defect[ tongue thrust] I have no doubt he has spent most of his life with an object in his mouth. He is a bottom.

Is Quincy Jones a top or bottom?

Quincy Jones is a bottom according to most reliable sources. The "Q" loves very masculine men in hiphop/rap world who don't pose a threat to his very DL Professionalism. Karine Stephen,aka "SUPERHEAD", was trained by Mr. Jones who has turned out many men in the music industry such as,LL cool j,Tevin ( Full Answer )

Which language is written from top to bottom?

Chinese and some other Asian languages have traditionally been written in colums but in modern use it is usually left to right the same way as English. When Chinese is in columns, the first column on the page starts in the upper RIGHT corner and goes down, and successive columns go from right to l ( Full Answer )

Are consumers found at the top or bottom?

Well, it depends if your a primary consumer you are second to bottom. If your secondary consumer you are the middle and if you are terriety consumer meaning third or last your at the top or behind the decomposers.

Why are innings called top and bottom?

To separate the time where the away team hits/home team fields and pitch between the opposite. Easiest way to do it given the fact that teams need to switch spots each half inning.

Does an atom have a top and bottom?

No. Atoms are usually considered as spheres so the top or the bottom of one depends entirely on what direction you are viewing it from.

Does top and bottom apply to lesbian?

Yes and no. The top is the giver and the bottom is the reciever. But many lesbians are flexible and change roles in the bedroom.

Why when viewed from space is the top of earth in sun and bottom dark shouldn't it be one side in sun and other side dark?

It depends where the spaceship is when the picture is taken. If it is parallel to the equator, aka not above or below the Earth, then it might show the planet as half dark and half light. But it the ship is positioned so that it sees mostly the side of the Earth that is lit at the time, then i ( Full Answer )

Can the moon be dark on top and light on bottom?

From our vantage point, this is possible just after sunset when the moon is in the waxing crescent phase, or just before sunrise when the moon is in the waning crescent phase, if "top" is defined as "away from the horizon" and "bottom" is defined as "toward the horizon".

Is fire hotter on the top or bottom?

Fire is hotter at the bottom, because this is where the combustion is taking place. Towards the top of the flame, heat is being dispersed into the surrounding air and it is further away from the site of combustion.

Have space on the top and bottom of screen?

If by "space" you mean black space on the display below and above the image, try adjusting your resolution (if a monitor on a computer) or if a TV try adjusting the format of the image you are watching.