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~Look at your undertone. If your veins look more green or blue. Blue=cool Green=warm.

true colors, stark white and black look best on cool pale skin. Muted and earthy, cream,brown and so on look better on warm. In saying this if choosing a red for a warm skin go to more auburn or strawberry blond tones, for cool go more true reds. For Blond, platinum, beige, or ash for cool skin, and golden or neutral for warm skin. Brunet colors for cool skin should be more intense chocolate, espresso even black licorice, for warm cinnamon, mahogany, and sable browns and natural black.

hope this helps :)

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What contact color suits you best if you have light skin and dark brown hair?

I also have dark brown hair colour, i think hazel green looks best =)

What hair color suits you best if you have dark skin?

dark brown,black,brown or bronze highlights and auburn

What color lenses are best in sunglasses?

light brown or dark brown

If your getting highlights and your hair color is brown what color is best?

well since your hair color is brown,get blond or light brown highlights

What eyeliners color goes best with brown eyes?

in layers of first on bottom it shouls be light brown, middle should be chocolate color light not to light, on top should be brown

What is the best hair color for 2011?

light brown with light blond highlights

I have a creamy skin tone with light brown eyes . best color to dye?

dark brown with light brown highlights

What hair colour would suit a brown skin?

I think the best color that suits brown skin is either brown or black. I have brown skin with dark brown hair and I am sexy!

What color of Uggs are best for my mousy brown hair and pale skin?

Light brown

What color goes best with yellow?

Light brown and pale green.

You have hazel eyes what is the best hair color for you?

A light chocolate brown.

What is the best nail polish color for light skinned girls?

Black brown any dark color

What hair color is best for light skin black people?

a light brown with a little carmelish blonde to it

What is the best hair color for black women with light brown eyes?

I think a dark color will make your eyes pop...maybe a dark brown. :)

What color shirt goes best with brown pants?

White or Dark Blue. Dark Brown= White. Light Brown= Dark Blue :)

I have light to medium olive skin tone what color blonde looks best on me?

If you have a light to medium olive skin tone, the color blonde that would look best on you is dark brown.

What is the best contrast color to brown?

Since brown has so many shades, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what shade of brown you are picturing. However, when using hexidecimal code, the inverted color of brown comes out to be a light blue color, such as sky blue.

What is the best color for streaks if you have dark blond or light brown colored hair?

dark blond- a lighter blond or a light brown. try and stay within two shades darker or lighter of your natural color light brown-same thing, but a darker, reddish, almost auburn color also looks good

What is the best lip and blush color for light to medium skin tone and light brown hair?

for light skin use pink lip color :) i would also use a pink kind of color for blush

What color suits justin bieber the best?


What hair color highlights or extensions best fits light brown hair?

Blondish or darkish

Girls with brown eyes look best in what color eyeshadow?

try a light purple or green!

What hair color looks best with green eyes?

Blonde, dirty blonde, or light brown not black or burgundy or dark brown

What color goes best with brown eyes?

anything light dark is fine too though brown eyes go with anything!!!!!!!

What hair color best fits light brown eyes and a light skin complexion?

A1: blonde or brown not blackA2: Any hair color would look fine, just as long as you do your hair nicely.

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