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None, they all live the same unless some very healthy.

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What is the longest living hamster?

what type of hamster lives the longest

What is the worlds longest living hamster?

Harvey the hamster

How old was the longest living hamster?

The Longest a hamster ever lived was 7 Years. Hamsters usually live 1-2 years.

What owl lives the longest?

the eagle owl lives for the longest

What kind of hamster lives the longest?

Syian hamsters there can live up to 4-5 years but I know someone that said there one lived for 7 years

How much does a Hamster cost at petco?

it depends on how long the hamster lives.

What age is the longest living hamster?

Stoney, he is 212

Which sea animal lives longest?

I believe the Blue Whale lives longest.

Which snake can live the longest?

a black viper snake lives the longest

What breed of hamster live the longest?

All hamster breeds only live 2 to 4 years.

What is a hamster habitat?

The habitat is where your hamster lives. It is most likely a cage or tank

What is the longest a hamster has lived with wet tail?

37 years

What is the longest time a hamster can be pregnant?

Approximately- 5-6weeks

What pet lives longest?

The dog live the longest

How many years till a hamster lives?

I have researched about how long a hamster lives for and it says on every website they will live about 2 years xx

Which animals live the longest?

The giant tortoise lives the longest.

Which tree lives the longest?

The Bristlecone Pine is the longest recorded.

What do you do if you think your hamster has a tumor?

Take it to the hospital if i were you. If you did that than hope he/she lives. Sorry bout your hamster

How long does the average hamster live to be?

The average hamster lives to be about three to four years old.

Longest life animal?

The animal that lives the longest is believed to be the giant tortoise, it lives for about 177 years in captivity.

Which reptile lives the longest?

The reptile that lives the longest is the tortoise. It has a record of 188 years. See related link.

How long does a hamster lives for?

An average Syrian hamster will live between about 2 and 3 years old.

What human cell lives the longest?

Nerve cells live the longest

What nationality lives the longest?

Japenese people and Asians live the longest

Which animal lives the longest?

The giant tortoise lives the longest, about 177 years in captivity, and the gastrotrich (a minute aquatic animal) lives the shortest - three days.