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Girls get mad. Everyone gets mad at one time or another. So you could leave her alone for a few days, and see what happens, or if it was a mistake that you made, do something to make it up to her. Write her a love poem, buy her a flower or some chocolate, do something romantic! Make her feel like you really do care about her, and talk it over to see what the matter was, and if there is something you can do to fix the problem, then fix it!

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How do you know if your ex girlfriend is mad?

Mad as in angry with you (in which case, why would you care... she is your *ex* girlfriend), or mad as in insane?

What do you do if your girlfriend is mad?

love her for being mad :)

How to get your girlfriend mad?

This is not meant to be offensive to you. You are not ready for a girlfriend.

Why does your girlfriend always get mad?

How do you make your girlfriend that's mad at you not mad at you?

Apologize to her and say you love her. Don't. Do it again

What do you say to your girlfriend when shes mad at you?

It really depends on why she is mad at you, it is best not to say anything until she is calm and let her do all the talking. Then when she has said what SHE needs to apologize cheer her up and leave her thinking it won't happen again.

Why is Rusty James's girlfriend mad at him?

Rusty James is a main character in the novel 'Rumble Fish'. His girlfriend was mad at him because he was being unfaithful to her when he attended a party.

Should a man get mad if his girlfriend denies him sex?

HELL NO!! a man should not get mad if his girlfriend denies sex. it is her choice because she has to face the consucuenses. hope this helped!

How do you make a boy mad for you when he have girlfriend?

If this boy has a girlfriend, you need to respect that he chose her. You can continue to be a good friend to him, but you can save the schemes to make him mad for you until he is single again.

Should you let your friend date your girlfriend?

no because then your girlfriend would be cheating on you with your friend and you will be mad

What do you do your girlfriend has cut you off from sex?

stop making her mad.

What should you tell your girlfriend when she is mad at you?

The truth and I'm sorry.

Why does your girlfriend get mad at other girls for looking at you?

You are her property. Deal with it.

When did Mad Dog McCree happen?

Mad Dog McCree happened in 1990.

Why did the apartheid happen?

people were mad!

Is it wrong to be mad at a guy that showed that he liked you but found out that he has a girlfriend that he didn't tell you about?

No its not wrong to be mad at all... it sounds like this guy was seeing if you were interested before dumping his girlfriend, that way if you werent interested he'd still have his girlfriend. cut your losses and move on!!:)

How do you get a girlfriend to stay with you?

Never cheat on her, be a good boyfriend, do not get mad at her, ect.

What should you do when your girlfriend is mad at you for saying something dumb?

umm sorry

What to say to your girlfriend if she is mad at you?

Tell her everything you like about her and how much she means to you..

Is it wrong that I get mad when my girlfriend video chats with other guys?

No.. Not at all !

How do you make Justin Bieber mad?

Well if he has a girlfriend and if you are a girl beat up his girlfriend and if you are a guy and you like his girl make out with her.

What happen when Poseidon get mad?

droughts and floods

How do tsunamis and earthquakes happen?

God is mad

My girlfriend is mad at me and she doesnt want to see you?

well u need to sit down and talk too her and see wat she is mad about

What will happen if a man who is not capable for making love to his girlfriend?

He won't have a girlfriend anymore

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