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D-DAY War?

If I'm correct D-DAY was a Battle in World War II where The Americans, the British and a few other nations Stormed the beaches of Normandy in France. It happened on June 6th, 1944.

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Q: What happend in the D-Day war?
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Where did Dday occur?

in Normandy, France

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D-Day was the Allies penetrating the "European Fortress" and pushing the Axis back into Europe. This was by many considered the start of the end of the war.

What was d-day and why does it play such a part in the allies fate?

D DAY was the day the allies went to recapture france the battle following Dieppe In World War 2 in comparisson to WW1 in a sense dieppe was like the battle of the sommes and dday was like the battle of vimy ridge. Dieppe was a failure and the lessons learned lead to the success of Dday. Dday played an important part in the allies fate because the allies recaptured france who had fell to russia only 6 weeks into war. this marked the last battle in europe in ww2.

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