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Q: What happend to Harry Houdini's career after he married Bess?
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What was harry houdinis ethnicity?

Harry Houdini was born in Budapest, Hungary.

Who was harry houdinis mother?

Cecilia Steiner

What was Harry Houdinis rabbits name?


What is Harry's real name?

Eric weiss was harry houdinis real name

What is harry houdinis middle name?

He did not have a middle name -

What is harry houdinis mothers name?

Cecelia Weiss

What was the name of harry houdinis wife?

bess rahner

What was the names of harry houdinis tricks?


What is Harry Houdini's real name?

Eric weiss was harry houdinis real name

When was Harry Houdinis real birthday?

Harry Houdini was born on March 24, 1874

What was harry houdinis moms name?

Harry Houdni's mother was Cecilia Steiner (1841-1913).

Did Harry Houdini have any children after marriage?

The Houdinis were childless.

When did harry houdinis mum die?

July 17, 1913

What was harry houdinis first job?

his first job was a cook

Did harry houdinis father get sick?

no he died from old age

What was the year of Harry Houdinis birth?


What Happend When Harry Houdini Was Married?

One thing is his wife helped hi on stage

What was harry houdinis type of music?

creepy music and interesting music

What was harry houdinis first major trick?

bbb bbb bbb

What was harry houdinis straight jacket trick?

its were he escapes from a straight jacket

What was harry houdinis new kind of stage entertainment?

spiritualism and movies

How big was harry houdinis house?

dont know how big his house was

What is harry houdinis address?

As Houdini died a long time ago there is no address.

What was houdini's fathers job?

Harry Houdinis' father, Mayer Samuel Weiss, was a rabbi.

What were harry houdinis siblings names?

Thedore,Gottfried,Leopold,Nathan,Herman, and Gladys