What happend to the king of Troy?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What happend to the king of Troy?
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Priam was King of what city?


When was Troy King born?

Troy King was born on 1968-08-22.

Another name for Troy?

king troy

Who is Paris of Troy's father?

Paris of Troy's father was Priam, who was the king of Troy. His mother was Hecuba. Hecuba was the daughter of the Phrygian king, Dymas.

What city was king Priam king?


Who was priam?

He was the King of Troy.

Who was King of Troy?

King Priam. His wife was Hecuba.

Who were the kings of England when the crusades happend?

King Richard and King John

Who is the king of the swamp?

Troy laundry

Who was the prince of troy and took king menelaus wife bck to the city troy?


Why was the city of troy so important to Rome?

Troy was were the king and queen of rome lived.

What was happening when King Tutankhamun ruled?

stuff that happend