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Q: What happened 5 years after the book on that was then this is now?
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When is kristen britain's book 5 coming out?

Probably 5 years from now...

How tall is Bethany Hamilton?

She was 5'7" when she was thirteen when the shark attack happened and she was 5' 10" when she was 16 years. She is twenty now.

Is Bethany Hamilton tall?

She was 5'7" when she was thirteen when the shark attack happened and she was 5' 10" when she was 16 years. She is twenty now.

What are you 5 years from now?


5 years from now what will you be?

five years from now i will be the great president ever in the history

If you have been in love for 5 years now even doe everything that happened and were just back together is this true love?

ya tht is true love .

If you are 5 ft 3 in now at 13 years old how tall will you be at 24 years old?

My daughter was 5 ft 3 when she was 13 years old and now she is 24 years old and still is 5 ft 3.

What happened 5 billion years ago on earth?

5 billion years ago there was no Earth. It formed approximately 4.567 billion years ago.

What do you want to do after 5 years?

I will be in a higher position as now.

Can you think of yourself 5 years from now?


When will the sun be gone?

About 5 billion years from now.

How old will he be in 5 years?

probably about five years older than your are now....

What happened 5 million years ago?

There quite a bit of evolutionary changes that happened 5 millions years ago. Mammals were constantly changing and humans as we know them today are said to be only 2.4 million years old.

What are 5 things you can do if the last page of your book is missing?

Buy a new book with that page in it, predict what would happen, ask people who have read t.he book what happened, look it up on the internet, ask the author what happened

How old is smosh?

smosh is now 5 years into making there movies.... 6 now.

In about 5 years the sun will become?

About the same as it is now. You will notice no difference in five years.

What is your vocational goal 5 years from now?

Is to achieve in the future

What will you be doing 5 years from now?

achieving all goals that i have

How long has webkinz been open?

5 years! (for now...)

How do see yorself in 5 years from now?

in weil cornell.

In 5 years Lindsey will be a teenager how old is she now?


How old is Gerald from the Book Forged by fire?

5 years old.

How many light years in diameter is the LMC galaxy?

The LMC Galaxy is 5 million light years across and 163 light years away from the planet Earth. Book your ticket now to avoid last minute price hikes!

What is the statute of limitations for residential burglary in Pennsylvania?

5 years for burglary from the date that it happened

How d you see yourself 5 years from now?

5 years down the line i see myself in the middle level in this organisation.