Big Bang Theory (scientific model)

What happened after the Big Bang Theory?

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The Big Bang expresses the understanding of an evolving universe from a one dimensional singularity to the traditional fourth dimensional model of our ever-accelerating universe. In general, existence came into being upon the dimensional unfolding of Space and Time from the condition of a singularity (formed during a degree of convergence in Space and Time) into the reality of our traditional fourth dimensional SpaceTime continuum. The Big Bang is more a reference to an unfolding evolutionary model of existence in which SpaceTime allows for the integration of positive matter (or an explosion of multiple dimensions from a more singular dimensional containment; i.e. singularity). The concept of this singularity provides for a temporal confinement in the unification of all the primary forces of the physics (i.e., gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak). Immediately after this creation event, the evolutionary expansion of the primary quantum forces provide for a dense and hot plasma soup which expands to permeate its unfolding dimensional containment. The universe continued to decrease in density and fall in temperature, hence the typical energy of each particle was decreasing. Over a long period of time, the slightly denser regions of the nearly uniformly distributed matter gravitationally attracted nearby matter and thus grew even denser, forming the four possible types of matter are known as cold dark matter, warm dark matter, hot dark matter, and baryonic matter. Eventually gas clouds, stars, galaxies, and the other astronomical structures we observe today, began to precipitate in the expanse of the expanding universe. Note: The details of this process depend on the model used, and the amount and type of matter, and localized quantum instabilities present to facilitate the accretion of positive mass density in the Universe.

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When do scientists think the Big Bang theory happened?

The Big Bang theory was proposed (happened) in the middle of the 20th Century.The theory, and the work exploring it, suggest that the Big Bang happened about 13.7 billion years ago.

What was the main scientific theory before the big bang?

The scientific theory for before the big bang was that there was nothing, absolutely nothing and when the big bang happened it was the start of space, life and time.

What has mechanical energy?

I believe in the big bang theory! God spoke and BANG! It happened.

Did the string theory happen before the big bang?

Unclear as there is no way to know what happened before the big bang, or even if there was a "before the big bang".

What does the big bang theory propose?

The big bang theory proposes that the universe came from the point that was singularity , it states that after the bang the universe started expanding thus it explains everything that how was universe how and why it is expanding ,what happened after the big bang

Why is the big bang theory as currently postulated incomplete?

Hello, i am minakshi so, the big bang theory as currently postulated incomplete because the big bang theory does not answers about the questions that what happened or what was there before the big bang ? it also does not tells about the singularities,that what is singularities, and why the laws of physics are not implied on it.

What is the name of the big bang theory?

The Big Bang Theory

What is another name for Big Bang Theory?

Hot Big Bang Theory is another name for the Big Bang Theory.

When did the big bang theory happen?

The theory was first discussed about 80 years ago. The Big Bang itself is estimated to have happened about 13.7 billion years ago.

How is the big bang theory is an example od scienctific theory?

Hello i am minakshi answer is that the big bang theory is an example of old scientific theory as big bang theory explains that there was an explosion but the isotropy and the homogenity of the universe is not explained by big bang theory to explain his we connect inflatation theory with big bang theory to explain it so the big bang theory is also an example of old scientific theory.

Who developed the bang theory?

Nobody created the big bang theory. The big bang theory created and developed itself.

What disputes the big bang theory?

the disputes of the big bang theory are the acelerating universe ,and the homogenous and isotoropy of space are not suggested by big bang theory.

Was there any body alive when the big bang theory happened?

Not in our Solar System

Big bang theory happen?

BIG Bang is a hypothesis and on the basis of cern research big bang theory was proposed.

What is the duration of The Big Bang Theory?

The duration of The Big Bang Theory is -1320.0 seconds.

Who is Bernadette in The Big Bang Theory?

Bernadette is Howard's girlfriend on The Big Bang Theory.

Is Big Bang Theory on Netflix?

Big Bang Theory is available for rental only.

What does the big bang theory not explain?

The big bang theory doesn't explay the "why", only the "how".

What is the natural big bang theory?

I know of no such reference for a "natural" Big Bang Theory. Must be just another way of referring to the Big Bang Theory with a differing focus (i.e. kind of like the Hot Big Bang Theory).

What is the most accepted theory used to explain the origins of the universe?

That would be the Big Bang Theory.Further reading:NASA: Big Bang TheoryWikipedia: Big Bang Theory

What was Stephen hawkings contribution to big bang theory?

the hawkings contribution to the big bang theory is that he is trying to explain what is before big bang and the singularities and why did the big bang hppened?

Who proposed the Big Bang Theory?

Georges LeMaitre, a Belgian physicist, proposed the Big Bang Theory in 1927, but it was not known as the Big Bang Theory until later.

Describe the big bang theory?

The Big Bang theory is an effort to explain what happened at the very beginning of our universe,our universe sprang into existence as "singularity" around 13.7 billion years ago.

What event happened first in world history?

The best present theory is the Big Bang.

Can there be facts about big bang?

the big bang theory is true . The big bang THEORY is a theory. This means that although widely accepted as the base of the entire universe, it is a theory and hence not science fact.

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