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Jews had been kicked around enough that they decided to seek a homeland of their own. The British Empire was controlling the land in the Middle East that is now Israel and Palestine. It was land that nobody else wanted but the Jews really wanted to get away from all of the people who wanted to destroy them, and to establish a homeland of their own.

Jews started putting pressure on Britain and eventually the land was given to the Jews. The rest of the Middle east decide to run the Jews into the sea, and vowed that they would never rest until every Jew was dead. When Egypt attacked the newly formed state of Israel, they were surprised that they were pushed back and defeated. Israel took some of the land on the "west bank", and kept it until just recently. The events of the Holocaust have left the citizens of Israel very defiant and willing to fight for their rights. Many people today have forgotten that Jews were the victims, and only want to have a place of their own, where they can live in peace. Land was given to them that nobody else wanted. Now the Arab nations want them destroyed. Xenophobia still exists.

AnswerThe difficulty is that Europe tried to salve its bad conscience about the Jews at the expense of the Arabs.

The proposal for a Jewish National Home in Palestine was accepted by the British government in the Balfour Declaration in 1917 as the British army advanced into the Ottoman Empire.

After the holocaust there weren't that many Jews left in Europe except in Russia. Many left Europe. Some went to Israel, some to the U.S. Very few German Jews returned to Germany.

The murder of a large number of Holocaust survivors* by Poles* in Poland in 1945-46 led many suriving Jews to leave Europe altogether.

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Q: What happened after the Holocaust?
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