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The constitution was written and approved.

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Q: What happened at the Philadelphia convention?
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What event happened at the Assembly building in Philadelphia 11 years before convention?

The Declaration of Independence.

What happened at the Constitutional Convention?

Delegates wrote the United States Constitution (APEX)

Was the US Constitution written in Delaware or Philadelphia?

Philadelphia. The convention was held there. Philadelphia. The convention was held there.

Where was the convention of 1787 of the Constitution convention held?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Where is the locatoin of the Constitutional Convention?

The Constitutional Convention, also known as the Philadelphia Convention was taken place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What happened at Independence Hall in Philadelphia on May 25 1787?

Fifty-five delegates gathered together for the Constitutional Convention.

Where was the constitution conventions?

The Constitutional Converntion took place in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The Constitutional Convention (also known as the Federal Convention, the Philadelphia Convention, the First Constitutional Convention, and the Constitutional Convention of 1787) was held in the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. This building is now known as Independence Hall.

Where was the convention of congress held at in 1787?

You mean the Philadelphia (Constitutional) Convention? - If so, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What took place at the constitutional convention in philadelphia?


How can one visit the Philadelphia convention?

To visit the Philadelphia Convention, one must plan ahead and schedule to visit it. One must actually go to Philadelphia too to visit the convention. There are many events in the Philadelphia Convention that one must plan and schedule ahead.

Who was at the Philadelphia Convention?

There were several important people at the Philadelphia Convention. Some of the men at the convention were George Washington, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin.

Why it said that the delegates to the Philadelphia convention ignored their instructions?

Why is it said the delegates to the Philadelphia Convention ignored their instructions?