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Q: What happened during reconstruction during the civil war?
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What happened to Virginia cities after the Civil War and Reconstruction?

What happened to Virginia's cities after the Civil War and Reconstruction?

What happened first the civil war or reconstruction?

Reconstruction means rebuilding. During the Civil War, much of the South was destroyed. Reconstruction was rebuilding AFTER the war- both physical rebuilding, and rebuilding the government in the former Confederate States.

What happened during the war?

what happened during the civil war

What happened during the Liberian civil war 1?

What happened during the Liberia civil war?

Rehearsals for reconstruction during the Civil War demonstrated that?


Why was the Civil War known as the reconstruction?

The civil war was not called Reconstruction. Recontruction happened after the war was over and lasted until 1877 when the Union soldiers finally left the last states that were being reconstructed from the war.

Why did they have reconstruction during Civil War?

The Reconstruction Period only happened following the Civil War. The purpose of this period was to rebuild the South after the war essentially caused it's destruction. "Reconstruction" referred to both the physical rebuilding of cities, roads, bridges, etc. damaged or destroyed by the war, and the economic retooling of commercial operations that had previously relied on slave labor. Both were necessary.

What act or event during the civil war and reconstruction freed the slave?


What act or event during the civil war and reconstruction freed the slaves?


In attempting to establish a reconstruction policy during and after the Civil War?

Congress and the president disagreed about who had authority to devise a plan of reconstruction.

After the civil war what was the period of rebuilding the South called?

Reconstruction was what the period of rebuilding the south was after the civil war.

What is The period following the civil war is know as?

The period after the Civil War, 1865 - 1877, was called the Reconstruction period. Abraham Lincoln started planning for the reconstruction of the South during the Civil War as Union soldiers occupied huge areas of the South.