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in Cambodia there was a fight a very small fight between a man and his dog. This is what happened in Cambodia (shortened version)

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Q: What happened in Cambodia?
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What's in Cambodia?

in Cambodia there was a fight a very small fight between a man and his dog. This is what happened in Cambodia (shortened version)

What would have happened if Vietnam had not invaded cambodia?

Then Cambodia is no more. Thanks to Pol Pot and his PLAN.

Is what happened in Cambodia considered genocide?

Yes it is.

What happened in Cambodia after the genocide?

they all had a big party with nachos

Where has Genocide happened since the Holocaust 1945?

Yes, genocides have happened in places such as Rwanda and Cambodia.

What happened in the US when the invasion of cambodia was revealed?

The people of US got mad.

What major events have happened over the years in Cambodia?

nothing. nothing at all

Who was President of the US when the atomic bomb was dropped on Cambodia?

Nobody, this never happened.

What happened to the rest of Indochina after the fall of South Vietnam?

Laos and Cambodia fell to communism.

What wars happened in Cambodia?

war between country this is khemer rouge

What happened in Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge?

The Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia, renaming it Democratic Kampuchea. They forced many inncocent people to work, and also killed millions of people.

What is the official name of Cambodia as of now?

Cambodia is now officially called "The Kingdom Of Cambodia"

Is Cambodia's real name The Kingdom of Cambodia?

no it is not called the kingdom of Cambodia it is called Cambodia

Is Cambodia communist?

no Cambodia is a democracy and. It became that way after 1975 when Karma Rouge was ; well something happened to him I don't know. It has a multitude of religious beliefs and seems peaceful, I hope. There are many languages spoken and English is one of them ! Yea

Did the vietnam war prevent cambodia and laos from becoming communist?

No. The exact reverse happened. Laos and Cambodia were Western-oriented constitutional monarchies in 1960. By the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, both countries became Communist dictatorships.

What is the new name for the country Cambodia?


What human resources does Cambodia have?

See: Cambodia

What is the major desert of Cambodia?

There are no deserts in Cambodia.

What is the name of Cambodia?

Cambodia, also called Kampuchea or Khmer is officially called The Kingdom of Cambodia.

What is smaller Cambodia or the Netherlands?

The Netherlands s smaller than Cambodia, but it richer than Cambodia.

What is Main sector of economic in Cambodia?

the main sectors in Cambodia is the sector that develop economy in cambodia

What is differents beteewn Cambodia and Thailand?

-Cambodia used to be a powerful empire while Thailand never got to be an empire. -Thailand has bigger land than Cambodia -Thailand moderner and richer than Cambodia -In Thailand had terrorisms, but not in Cambodia -Cambodia existed in southeast Asia before Thailand -Thai population is bigger than Cambodian population. -Thailand doesn't have Independent Day, but Cambodia does have. -There no genocide in Thailand but there was in Cambodia. -Thailand is known better than Cambodia......

What hemisphere is Cambodia in?

Cambodia is located in the Northern Hemisphere

What money is used in Cambodia?

the currency of cambodia is Riel.

What country colonized cambodia?

The French colonized Cambodia.