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Fortunately, due to it's geography, England was never sucessfully invaded. This allowed the American forces, and some other European troops that had been abroad when their countries' were invaded to gather in England and stockpile equipments, weapons, etc until D Day. The head of the Free French Forces, General De Gaulle, was based in London. He made and others used BBC radio to communicate to the Resistance in France.

Many major English cities were heavily bombed during World War 2, not for any militrary purposes but to lower moral. During the 'Blitz' (from the German word for 'lightning'), as the bombings were called, many children were evacuated to the countryside to escape. Air raid shelters were erected, to be entered when the Air Raid sirens signalled an iminent attack. Heavy black-out curtains were used so that German bombers could not see major cities from the air.

Food was rationned, and people were encouraged to grow their own food. Any spare metal from railings etc was used to make weapons. Women gained a new social freedom as many men went off to fight. Many luxury items were unavailable, and so the black market thrived. Sometimes young women would trade sexual favours for luxury items from American KAMIT SUASIDEIN PAKASTAN

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Q: What happened in England during World War 2?
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