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Q: What happened in Naruto episode 111?
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Is there a Naruto Shippuden Episode 103?

There are 111 episodes!

In which episode does Sakura and Naruto kiss?

That hasn't happened

What episode does naruto stabs Hinata and not itachi?

Hasn't happened

What happened in Naruto Episode 11?

View the related link below.

When Sasuke carries sakura which episode is that?

It's not important. I think that it never happened. Maybe in Naruto but not in Naruto Shippuden.

What happened in the last episode of Naruto cartoons?

It's not a CARTOON! It's ANIME!

In Which episode of naruto has sasuke and sakura kiss?

It never happened, and it never will happen.

What happened in Naruto episode 209?

everyo0ne died ________ The episode is called ninja dropouts (if you are talking about the original episodes and not Shippuden)

What Naruto episode is Naruto in pain?

Naruto Shippuden Episode 114

Does Naruto kiss a girl?

No, Naruto has not kissed a girl.However, by accident, he has kissed Sasuke.(also happened in) His first kiss from a girl would be in Naruto Episode 169- Remembrance: The Lost Page. Isaribi gave the kiss.In Shippuden, episode 60, Fuuka kisses Naruto

What episode does 2 tail naruto fight curse mark saskue?

It hasn't happened. You might be thinking of original episode 134

What is the last Naruto episode there is?

The last naruto episode (not shippuden) is Naruto Episode 220