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What happened in the Jonas brothers car accident?


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2010-01-23 19:01:37
2010-01-23 19:01:37

They did not have a car accident......


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Danielle Jonas was not involved in a car accident.

I don't really know if they were in a car accident

There was supposedly a car accident with the Jonas Family in the car when it happened. A truck rear ended the back of the car, and Joe pulled Nick under him to keep him from getting covered by glass and debris. But it was never really talked about, so I'm assuming he was okay.

No, all hte brothers were involved in it, joe Jonas saved his brothers nick Jonas from dieing that day by protecting him.

yes but it was a long time ago, and thankfully none of them were hurt

i love nick Jonas. they have the Chevy rock contest. you get a car and a signed CD by the Jonas brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No, they do not own that car. It was only for the show.

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he died in a car accident 7 years ago

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I think so it wasn't on TMZ or anything, but All I can say is no he didn't get into an car crash.

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