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They did not have a car accident......

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โˆ™ 2010-01-23 19:01:37
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Q: What happened in the Jonas brothers car accident?
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What happened to Dani Jonas in her car accident?

Danielle Jonas was not involved in a car accident.

How old were the Jonas Brothers when they were in a car accident?

I don't really know if they were in a car accident

What happened during the Jonas Brothers' accident did Nick get hurt?

There was supposedly a car accident with the Jonas Family in the car when it happened. A truck rear ended the back of the car, and Joe pulled Nick under him to keep him from getting covered by glass and debris. But it was never really talked about, so I'm assuming he was okay.

Was Nick Jonas the only Jonas brother in the car accident?

No, all hte brothers were involved in it, joe Jonas saved his brothers nick Jonas from dieing that day by protecting him.

Were the Jonas Brothers in a car accident?

yes but it was a long time ago, and thankfully none of them were hurt

Was dani Jonas in a car accident?


Are there any Jonas Brothers sweepstakes if there are how many tickets can you get?

i love nick Jonas. they have the Chevy rock contest. you get a car and a signed CD by the Jonas brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do the Jonas brother own the car featured in their Jonas brothers la series?

No, they do not own that car. It was only for the show.

What happened What happened to Lise?

Lise died in car accident

What is the Jonas Brothers' favorite car?

porche 911

How many people get amnesia from a car accident?

I was in a car accident once, but I can't remember what exactly happened...

What happened to Lescott's head?

car accident

What car does Nick Jonas drive in the paranoid music video by the Jonas brothers?

An old mustang

When did Car accident of Marika Gombitovรก happen?

Car accident of Marika Gombitová happened on 1980-12-01.

What happened to lilo's parents?

they died in a car accident .

What happened to kesha's boyfriend?

he died in a car accident :'(

How do you use the word haze in a sentence?

After the car accident, she was in a haze and could not remember how the accident had happened.

What happened to curtis brothers parents?

Car crash

What happened to the curtis brothers' parents?

The Curtis Brothers parents had died in a car crash

What happened to Kirk Dorrow of the band Octavian?

He died in a car accident.

What happened to lilo's parents in lilo and stitch?

they died in a car accident

Can you receive a car accident insurance settlement after filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy if the accident happened after the filing?


What happened to Clarisse and was it an accident?

She got hit by a car and died; Magton thinks it wasn't an accident but it could have been.

Is it true that Joe Jonas got in a car accident?

I think so it wasn't on TMZ or anything, but All I can say is no he didn't get into an car crash.

How many car accident deaths happened prior to the seat belt?


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