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What happened on May 26th 1983?

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May 26, 1983: Powerful earthquake and tsunami hit northern Honshu, Japan, killed 104, injured 163.

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What happened on May 26 1865?

The Last battle of the Civil War was on May 26th 1865

When was the holi in 1983?

on 26th march

What day of the week was June 26 1983?

June 26th 1983 was a Sunday.

What day was it on the 26th May 1999?

26th May 1999 was a Wednesday.

What day of the week did June 26 1983 fall on?

June 26th 1983 was a Sunday.

What day of the week was April 26th 1983?

April 26, 1983 fell on a Tuesday.

What day of the week was May 26th 1956?

May 26th 1956 was a Saturday.

Do it write it as May 26th or May 26?

You can write it either way or even the 26th of May or 26 May.

Whose birthday is on May 26th?

Dominika Sarah grembowicz's birthday is on the 26th may

What day of the week was may 26th 1937?

May 26th, 1937 fell on a Wednesday.

What day of the week was May 26th 1984?

May 26th, 1984 fell on a Saturday.

What happened on 26th April 1916?


Is there any famous peoples birthdays on the 26th of may?

If it's May, I have no idea. But, the 26th of March, Eric Allan Kramer is your answer.

What happened May 6th 1983?

May 6, 1983 was a slow day for national news. The "Hitler Diaries" published by Stern Magazine was confirmed to be fake after expert analysis.

What day of the week was May 26 1973?

I believe May 26th 1973 was a Friday. We have a son born on May 26th 1971 which I know was a Wednesday.

May 26th zodiac?


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On May 26th 1977, Stevie Wonders 'Sir Duke' topped the charts.

What happened on September 26th of 1996?

It was the day of a Total Lunar Eclipse

When was the Chernobyl disaster?

The Chernobyl disaster happened on 26th April 1986.

When was the first time tsunami happened in India?

Dec 26th 2004

What happened on 26th June 1996?

Veronica Guiren got killed!

What happened for the Dutch in 1682?

There was a flood in the south of the Netherlands on januari the 26th.

What happened on 26th April 1992?

The Battle of Mount Street Bridge

What happened to Glades?

Glades ended its run on August 26th 2013.

What happened in history today 26th of May?

Martin Luther was banned by the Edict of Worms for his religious beliefs and writings. This was on May 26, 1521. On May 26, 1924, immigration was restricted by President Calvin Coolidge.

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