What happened on November 20?

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November is the 324th day of the year.

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Q: What happened on November 20?
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What happened to the whale ship Essex on November 20 1820?

What happened to the whale ship essex on november 20 1820?

What happened on November 20 1997?

Courtney Gayle Ring was Born on that day.

What happened to the show The Emperors new school?

It was cancelled on November 20, 2008

What happened on November 20 1957?

On November 20, 1957 the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) was suggested by the new Secretary of Defense. ARPA later started what later became the Internet.

What happened November 2?

Many things happened on many November 2nd's through the years.

What day was November 20 1983?

November 20, 1983 was a Sunday.

When did the stamp act happened?

It happened on November, 1765.

When will twilight new moon come out to be watched?

Belgium 18 November 2009France 18 November 2009Spain 18 November 2009Switzerland 18 November 2009 (French speaking region) Argentina 19 November 2009Australia 19 November 2009Greece 19 November 2009Hungary 19 November 2009Netherlands 19 November 2009New Zealand 19 November 2009Russia 19 November 2009Thailand 19 November 2009Brazil 20 November 2009Canada 20 November 2009Cyprus 20 November 2009Denmark 20 November 2009Finland 20 November 2009Italy 20 November 2009Mexico 20 November 2009Norway 20 November 2009Romania 20 November 2009Sweden 20 November 2009Turkey 20 November 2009UK 20 November 2009USA 20 November 2009Czech Republic 26 November 2009Lebanon 26 November 2009Portugal 26 November 2009United Arab Emirates 26 November 2009Estonia 27 November 2009Venezuela 27 November 2009Japan 28 November 2009Singapore 3 December 2009South Korea 10 December 2009Hong Kong 18 December 2009 (Hong Kong International Film Festival) Egypt 6 January 2010Germany 7 January 2010Switzerland 7 January 2010 (German speaking region) Slovakia 14 January 2010

What day of the week was November 20 2008?

20 November 2008 was a Thursday.

What day of the week was November 20 2007?

November 20, 2007 was a Tuesday.

What day of the week was November 20 1946?

November 20 1946 was a Wednesday.

What day of the week was 20 November 1961?

November 20, 1961, was a Monday.

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