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Adventureland operated from 1961 until 1977 and was located in Addison, IL. There was indeed alot of racial tension as stated below. (I worked at Adventureland during the 1975 & 1976 season). I personally believe the reason the park closed was partially due to Great America opening but also due to the legal & financial fallout they were starting to feel from the effects of a very serious ferris wheel accident that happened in 1976 in which many people fell and were seriously injured. (I saw the accident happen as I was operating the ride next to the ferris wheel).


On Addison in Chicago, I think you're thinking of Riverview, not Adventureland which was IN Addison, Illinois.

AnswerIt closed in the late 60s or early 70s. Torn down. There are parts of it at a driving range called Green Valley a little furter down Lake Street. Right now the property has been redeveloped into offices. There is a Bridgestone/Firestone office there now. Other parts have been turned into walking trails. AnswerIt closed down in 1978, One rumor has it that it closed down due to racial fears. AnswerHowever, I do believe Great America, Old Chicago, Santa's Village, etc; May have been a factor. More likely the first one.


10-27-08 i was born & raised in nordic park, itasca--right down the street from the old adventureland. I'm 40 now and still live in nordic park. but as a kid, i always wanted to go there since i would see it all the time driving down lake st in my parent's car. my parents would never take me there cuz they said it was too dangerous. the community surrounding adventureland at the time (and for the most part, still today) was all white and i remember seeing lots & lots of colored-people there. it was too easily accessible to inner-city coloreds and they basically took over the place. there were gang fights and stabbings there. no white people wanted to go there anymore. and since the local tax-payers & residents couldn't use the facility, they saw no use in having it around. the residents pressured the local gov't body to force its closure. at least, that's the rumor i heard while growing up. it became an eye-sore. none of the residents wanted to deal with so many coloreds being so close to their homes. that may sound bad, but i read somebody's comment above re: hearing a rumor about racial fears and i wanted to say that i always heard the same thing.

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Q: What happened to Adventureland on Addison in Chicago?
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