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After 1992, Christopher went to school and earned his teaching credentials to teach High School band. He began teaching the Marching band at Orange Glen High School in Escondido, California in 1997. In 1998, Hollyday transfered to the newly built Valley Center High School (in Valley Center, California) where he currently works now (as of 2008). He teaches a Jazz Ensemble Class, followed by the school's Marching Band class in the morning.

Hollyday took a brief hiatus from teaching in the 2004-2005 school year to pursue his Master of Fine Arts Degree at San Diego State University. There he played with the state Jazz Band. Whether he still practices with the State Band or not is still unknown to his pupils.

Upon returning to Valley Center High in the Fall of 2005, Chirstopher Hollyday, now 35, found his once strong music program had considerably shrunk in size and support. To raise funds for the music program, Hollyday usually plays alto-sax (along with several other friends) in an annual fundraiser event known as the Jazz Benefit Concert in Valley Center's Maxine Theater. Aside from those performances, Hollyday still plays some sporadic one-off-dates usually located in North County San Diego. Those performances, however, become rarer with each passing year.

Hollyday seems to have no plans of releasing new material but strikingly his pupils are and in broad genres of music. In 2006, one of Hollyday's Jazz Band bass players, Steven Foster, release a digital EP with his alternative band, Over Jericho, independently (which failed to chart after only selling a few hundred copies). In 2007, one of Hollyday's alto-sax pupils, Mark Luciano, played guitar on Lower Definition's Moths EP (the hardcore band's album also failed to chart but did well enough to get the band signed to Ferret Records). Around the release of Moths and before the band signed, Mark left Lower Definition. Had he not, Hollyday, a Jazz Artist, would have had a pupil signed to one of the largest Hardcore record labels in the country.

Still, Christopher's current focus seems to be teaching. He is currently working on growing the High School's Marching Band as well as helping the school's newly revived Percussion Ensemble. Naturally, Valley Center High's Jazz Band lives strong and punches hard. Their appearance in numerous festivals around Southern California have proven that Hollyday's Jazz Band knows what's up. Their placement in competition over the years has ranked them as one of the highest in their division. The band's soloists continually bring in medals and plaques as well as other recognitions.

As of Spring of 2008, Hollyday resides in sunny Southern California and will more than likely continue to teach in the Valley Center School District.

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Q: What happened to Christopher Hollyday after 1992?
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