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Q: What happened to HMS prince of wales and HMS repulse?
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Which country did the HMS prince of wales and HMS repulse belong to?

Great Britain

What were the two British warships sent to defend Singapore?

The HMS Prince of Wales and the HMS Repulse were sent to Singapore to aid in it's defense and both were sunk by Japanese aircraft.

What were British Naval losses in World War 2?

To name a few: 1. HMS Hermes (aircraft carrier) 2. HMS Prince of Wales (battleship) 3. HMS Repulse (battlecruiser) 4. HMS Exeter (heavy cruiser)

What are the battles of the pacific that were decisive?

1. The Battle of the Java Sea 2. The Battle of Savo Island 3. The Battle of Midway 4. The Battle of Leyte Gulf 5. The Sinking of the Battleship HMS Prince of Wales and Battlecruiser HMS Repulse

How many English ships were sunk during the first week of World War 2?

The British battleship and battlecruiser HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse were sunk by land based bombers in the South China Sea on 10 December 1941; three days after Pearl Harbor. HMS Prince of Wales was history's first battleship sunk by aircraft while at sea (while fighting back).

When did japan seize Vietnam?

Stepping stones of conquest. Besides, Japanese ARMY planes took off from there on 10 December 1941 and sank the British Battleship HMS Prince of Wales and Battlecruiser HMS Repulse. So that stepping stone also served as an airfield.

How lone was HMS hood?

Hood with with the battleship HMS Prince of Wales (later sunk by planes in the Pacific).

What ship took Roosevelt to meet Churchill on the Hood?

If you are referring to the Conference between Roosevelt and Churchill in August 1941, at Ship Harbour in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, which produced the Atlantic Charter, Churchill arrived on the HMS Prince of Wales. The HMS Hood had been sunk the preceding May by the Bismarck. The Prince of Wales would be lost, along with HMS Repulse, the day after Pearl Harbor, to Japanese aircraft based in Saigon. Roosevelt arrived aboard a heavy "Treaty" cruiser, the USS Augusta. This was the first personal meeting of Churchill and FDR.

How old is the prince of Wales ship?

If you are referring to the Royal Navy ship, it's still being built. It's one of the 2 next generation aircraft carriers. The other being HMS Queen Elizabeth. HMS Prince of Wales isn't due to come into service until the back end of the decade. (If they don't change their minds again). The previous HMS Prince of Wales was sunk by the Japanese in 1941.

Where can you find information about Japanese raids on Southeast Asia?

Start with a book on the subject of the sinking of the British battleship HMS Prince of Wales, and British battlecruiser HMS Repulse, both sunk on December 10, 1941 (three days after Pearl Harbor), by twin engine Japanese ARMY aircraft that "took off from captured French airfields in Vietnam (Southeast Asia)".

How did Japan attack the US during Pearl Harbor?

A new weapon was used. The Aircraft Carrier! The aircraft carrier replaced the battleship as a major weapon, following the sinking of the British Battleship HMS Prince of Wales, and Battlecruiser HMS Repulse, by Japanese aircraft on December 10, 1941. After this date, NO naval officer doubted the power of airplanes over the battleship.

What are names of all English battleships?

1. HMS King George V 2. HMS Anson 3. HMS Duke of York 4. HMS Howe 5. HMS Prince of Wales (the only one which did not survive WWII)