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What happened to Japan after the War?

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Japan would be in very loss. The team of japan has got scared in front of mughals.

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What happened with japan after the war?

It became bigger

What happened when Japan was bombed in World War 2?

Many died....It ended the war with Japan. Can you be more specific ?

What happened after the us dropped atomic bombs on japan?

Japan surrendered and the war was ended

What happened when the US occupied Japan after World War 2?

the military dictatorship of pre-war Japan was replaced with democracy

What would have happened if Japan had heard war plans in World War 2?


What happened to prisoners of war once the war in japan ended?

They were returned to their own nations.

What happened after the Battle of Pearl Harbor?

The US declared war on Japan.

What happened to Japanese Americans after war was started against Japan?

They were interned.

What happened to the US after it declared war on Japan?

Germany declared war on the US, the US then declared war on Germany.

What happened after japan bombed the United States?

congress declared war on japan then japans allies (Germany and Italy) declared war on the united states

What happened after japan took over china in world war 2?

Japan never took china over

What event happened before the bombing of Japan?

the countries were fighting the war was called 'World War 2'

What happened after the bombing of japan during world war 2?

The war ended on Sept 2, 1945.

What happened on the day of Pearl Harbor was attacked?

The US went to war with Japan.

What happened after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese?

America declared war on Japan.

What major events happened in 1941?

Germany was at war with Russia (Soviet Union), Japan was at war with with US, Germany declared war on the US four days after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

What happened after US attacked Japan?

Actually, it was Japan that attacked the US first. We retaliated by entering into WW2. To end the war with Japan, the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This caused Japan to surrender, marking the end of the war.

What happened between Russia and Japan?

Their was the SHINGARU War that lowered the population of both countries

What happened to the philippines during world war 2?

they fought against Japan in the Pacific

What happened when the nuclear bombs were developed?

We used them on Japan to end World War II.

What happened to Japan during the US Expansion Era?

Japan took part in the World War while America was in its expansion era

What event caused the US to get involved and declare war Japan and Germany?

Pearl Harbor which happened on December 7, 1941 is what brought the US into world war 2 and why it declared war on Japan and Germany.

What happened at World War 2?

World War 2 started when Germany attacked Poland. The U.S. joined the war when we were bombed by Japan.

When did Allied naval bombardments of Japan during World War II happen?

Allied naval bombardments of Japan during World War II happened on -19-08-07.

What happened during World War 2 in Singapore?

Japan bomb us i think :( - SpyAdventurer