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Jeff Hardy was in TNA when he got fired because of refusal to go to rehab. He was in TNA from 2004-2006. He got suspened caused by not showing up for 'turning point' because of travelling problems. Then he resigned with WWE.

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Q: What happened to Jeff Hardy in TNA?
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Is Jeff Hardy in TNA?

Yes, Jeff Hardy is in TNA.

What has happened to Jeff hardy now?

hes is on tna with RVD

Did Jeff Hardy go to TNA?

Yes, Jeff Hardy went to TNA.

When did Jeff Hardy debut in TNA?

Jeff Hardy first debuted in TNA in 2004.

Is Jeff hardy in tna currently?

yes jeff hardy is in tna becuase he signed a contract to go into tna

Will Jeff Hardy wrestle in TNA?

yes jeff hardy wrestles in tna and has been wrestling in tna since 2010

Is Jeff hardy going back to tna?

On January 4th edition of TNA Impact, Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore were both at the TNA show. The next day it was reported the Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore both signed contracts with TNA. Right now Jeff Hardy can not wrestle because of legal issues. But Jeff Hardy is signed with TNA.

Is Jeff hardy in WWE?

Jeff Hardy is on TNA wrestling

What is Jeff Hardy doing?

Jeff Hardy is now in tna.

What happened to Jeff and Matt hardy?

Matt is in TNA and Jeff is out of TNA for the moment, He got married to Beth Britt as he was out. and Jeff is happy to be with his daughter right now

Is WWE Jeff harty is in tna?

yes Jeff HARDY is in tna and spell hardy with a d not a t

Why was Jeff hardy retured to tna?

Jeff Hardy returned to TNA because his contract with WWE ended.

What happened to the following wrestlers Jeff hardy Matt hardy the rock 123 kid sting?

jeff hardy matt hardy and sting are on tna and 123 kid is a dj

Is Jeff hardy a good or bad person in tna?

In tna Jeff hardy is a bad and mean person but in wwe Jeff hardy is a good and nice person in tna people boo Jeff hardy in wwe people cheer for Jeff hardy tna stinks wwe rocks wwe is way better than tna a million times better wwe forever

Where is Jeff hardy now?

Jeff Hardy now competes in TNA.

Where did Jeff hardy went?

Jeff hardy went to TNA Impact.

Did Jeff hardy go to the tna impact?

No buddy know, because Jeff didn't sign contract with TNA YES HE DID JEFF HARDY COME'S ON TNA STUPID.

How many balts has Jeff hardy won in tna?

Jeff hardy hasn't won any belts in tna

Is Jeff hardy staying in tna or is he not?

No Jeff Hardy is not going to stay in TNA. He will be back to WWE at Wrestlemania 26

What happened to Jeff hardy on TNA?

he got fired because he refused to gog to rehab

Does Jeff hardy wrestle on tna?

Yes, Jeff Hardy was a TNA wrestler from 2004 till 2006. Then he returned to TNA on January 4, 2010.

Is Jeff Hardy gona be in tna impact cross the line?

No... The game began production before Jeff Hardy was in TNA

Is Jeff hardy back on raw?

No, Jeff Hardy is not on RAW. He is on TNA Impact.

Where is Jeff hardy nowadays?

Jeff Hardy currently works for TNA Wrestling.

Will Matt hardy and Jeff hardy become the hardy boyz ever again?

Jeff On TNA