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What happened to Jesus when he was born?

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Luke's Gospel tells us that soon after Jesus was born, he was

visited by poor shepherds who had been told of the birth by angels.

He was circumcised at eight days, according to Jewish custom, and

taken to Jerusalem when he was forty days old, to be presented at

the Temple. Here he was recognised as the Messiah by no less than

two devout Jews, and then the young family travelled safely to

their home in Nazareth.

Matthew's Gospel says that when Jesus was born, magi or

wise men came to Bethlehem from the east to bring gifts and to

worship Jesus, although it was possible that the visit was up to at

least a year after his birth. Herod feared for his throne so

Joseph, being warned in a dream, fled from Bethlehem with Mary and

Jesus to the safety of Egypt. It was only some years later, when

they began to return home from Egypt, that the young family turned

aside and travelled to Nazareth, a city in distant Galilee, instead

of Bethlehem.

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