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John Proctor was accused and hanged during the Salem Witch Trials.

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Q: What happened to John Proctor after the Salem Witch Trials?
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Where did john proctor live during the Salem witch trials?

outside of Salem

What happened in Salem in 1692?

The Salem witch trials happened.

Salem witch trials 1603 - 1606?

There were no witch trials in Salem in those years. The trials happened in 1692 and 1693.

Was elizabeth proctor rich or poor?

Elizabeth Proctor was poor. She was around during the Salem witch trials, and accused of being a witch. She was the wife of John Proctor.

What was the name of the witch trials of 1692?

The Salem witch trials happened in 1692.

When did Elizabeth proctor die?

Her husband John Proctor was executed as a witch in 1692 during the Salem Witch Trials and Elizabeth was sent to prison but later released. == ==

In the Salem witch trials happened in 1484?

The Salem Witch Trials took place over two hundred years after the year in your question, in 1692.

What city had witch trials in the 1690s?

They happened in Salem.

Who died August 19 1692?

Witch trials, Salem, Mass. - John Proctor, George Burrows(Burroughs), Elizebith Proctor, and more.

Are the Salem Witch Trials related to Halloween?

No. The Salem Witch Trials happened in the summer of 1692. Along with all other Witch trial in the Colonial Era none of them were related to Halloween.

Which us state were Salem witch trials held?

Massachusetts, but the witch trials happened back when it was the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

What important events happened in 1967?

the salem witch trials

How does the crucible difrfer from the Salem witch trials?

the crucilbe is based on the Salem with trials but the majority of stuff i the play neer really happened

Did elizabeth proctor die when the Salem witch trials happen?

No. She was convicted but given a stay of execution because she was pregnant. Before that ran out, the Trials ended.

What is the political effects of the Salem witch trials?

The Salem witch trials gave a reason for the use of spectral evidence in trial to be banned in court, something that hadn't happened before.

Where did the Salem witchcraft trials happen?

The Salem Witch Trials happened in the town of Salem, in the Massachusetts colony (now a state) in 1692. This was a Puritan Settlement (Massachusetts).

Who was Mary Warren from Salem Witch Trails?

Mary Warren was the seventeen year old servant of John and Elizabeth Proctor. She was one of the accusers, and the only one who, during the trials, said she had been lying. After the trials, we do not know what happened to her.

What American town is famous for witch trials?

The American town famous for the Witch Trials (called the Salem Witch Trials) is Salem, Massachusetts.

What happened to Betty Parris after the Salem Witch Trials?

Like all of the accusing girls of Salem, Betty's life after the trials fades into the unknown.

What effect do you think the witch trail had on Puritan communities?

The witch trials only happened in Salem.

How did john proctor influence the Salem witch trials?

John Proctor was the first to openly criticize the girls actions during a court session. Before he was executed he wrote a letter asking the governor to stop the trials.

What happened to Thomas Putnam after the Salem Witch Trials?

he blew up

What year were the Salem witch trials start?

It all happened in 1692.

What is the setting in the story Salem witch trials?

The Salem Witch Trials is NOT a title for a book. It is the name that describes a witch hysteria, a witch hunt and witch trials that occurred in 1692 in Salem Massachusetts and other towns in Essex County.

When did the Salem witch trials end?

The last of the Salem Witch trials ended in may 1693