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Q: What happened to cole's knuckles in his jail cell?
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How what happened to coles knuckles in the jail cell what did he say happened?

He punched the wall and he punched so hard it made him bleed so it got all blood-ish on the wall (ew)and his knuckles were bruised. He lied to Garvey that he fell instead, which was not a very good excuse.

Did tattoos on the knuckles start in jail?

The answer is quite simple... Nope :)

Why is J Cole brother in jail?

J Coles' Brother Is In Jail Because .. He Didn't Pay His Car Tickets & He Got Locked Up. HOPE IT HELPED ! (:

How can you buy food for a inmate?

go to coles or something get food pay for it and go to the jail derr.....

Are brass knuckles legal in California?

All metal knuckles are a felony: 1yr or less in jail, up to 3yrs for sales. Plastic are a misdemeanor I believe.?

What is Peters Involvement in Coles sentencing?

He wanted Cole to to go to jail instead of banishment. He believes that Cole will never change.

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What does jail breaking mean on cell phone?

it means ur cell phone breaks out of jail :P

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You gotta stay there and learn what you did!

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