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I called Kelloggs and was told that the chocolate vanilla cream poptart was discontinued on January 5, 2009. I asked why and she said they determined it was not a popular flavor. RIP vanilla cream poptart...you will be dearly missed.

Call Kelloggs at 1-800-962-1413 to register your disappointment.

In June of 2010 they released a new flavor, Ice Creme Sandwich, under the Ice Cream Shoppe line of Pop Tarts. Check them out - they will look familiar to you (wink, wink).

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How many different flavors of pop tarts are there?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Strawberry Milkshake Frosted Strawberry Unfrosted Strawberry Frosted Blueberry Frosted Cherry Smores Chocolate Fudge Mint Chocolate Chip Wildberry Meow-Berry Gingerbreadman Frosted Blueberry Cookies & Creme Hot Fudge Sundae Chocolate Chip Orange and Cream Apple Strudels Frosted Raspberry Banana Split Brown Sugar Cinnamon Vanilla Chocolate Frosted Strawberry Blueberry Strawberry Cheese Danish

What is more liked chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Chocolate ice cream is more popular than vanilla

Which one's a chocolate chip ice cream or a vanilla ice cream?

chocolate chip ice cream is white with brown chocolate bits or chocolate brown with chocolate bits in it and vanilla ice cream is plain white.

What is the difference between vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream?

ICE CREAM IS CALLED VANILLA WHEN VANILLA OR VANILLA FLAVORING IS ADDED; CHOCOLATE HAS SOME FORM OF CHOCOLATE ADDED FOR FLAVORING. Vanilla is a different color than chocolate, they have completely different flavors, and they both have different ingredients added for flavoring.

Why do people prefer vanilla ice cream over chocolate ice cream?

i hate vanilla. but i also like it. Chocolate ice cream goes with everything :)

What is in a chocolate egg cream?

There is milk, soda water, and chocolate or vanilla syrup in chocolate egg cream.

What are all the levels of ice cream machine on neopets?

Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, mint, blueberry, vanilla chocolate chip, strawberry vanilla chocolate(Neapolitan), peach, vanilla chocolate swirl, double chocolate chip, tigersquash

Does Joe Jonas like vanilla or chocolate ice cream?

He likes marshmellow chocolate ice cream

Was vanilla ice cream invented before chocolate ice cream?

Yes. It used to be that if you wanted ice cream, it was vanilla or nothing at all. Maybe a few chocolate lovers suggested chocolate ice cream. (Which really was a very good idea.)

Why does vanilla ice cream float and chocolate ice cream sink?

Obviosly Ice cream has milk, but their are certain chemicals in one another. Vanilla ice cream has a chemical named SIO which provides the VANILLA ice cream to float; & Chocolate ice cream has another chemical named TEO which allows the CHOCOLATE ice cream to sink to the bottom of the container.

What is the name for multi flavored ice cream?

Multicolored ice cream is Spumoni or Neapolitan, tuttifrutti Neapolitan = vanilla, chocolate, strawberry Spumoni = chocolate, vanilla, pistachio

At your next birthday party chocolate and vanilla ice cream are served there are two toppingschocolate and strawberrynuts are also available how many different kinds of ice cream sundaes can you?

You would have 4 different options. Chocolate and chocolate chocolate and strawberry nuts vanilla and chocolate vanilla and strawberry nuts

Is chocolate ice cream better than vanilla ice cream?

chocolate ice cream is way better than vanilla! xx ♥♫ Um that is not true. It depends on people's taste buds. In America, they say that vanilla ice cream is the most popular, but luckily, chocolate is second. So don't worry chocolate lovers! Chocolate is one of my favs too!

What are three flavors of ice cream?

Three flavors of ice cream are chocolate, vanilla, and coffee. My favorite is chocolate!

What ice cream melts faster chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream?

Vanilla and Chocolate are two opposite flavors/colours. White (vanilla) reflects heat. Brown/black (chocolate) absorbs heat. My guess would be chocolate, or they would both melt in the same amount of time. chocolate would melt first if you where out side in the sun

Is chocolate ice-cream better than vinalla ice-cream?

ok vanilla is better to me..chocolate tastes too chocolatly,,ps i no that sounds wierd. I like vanilla more,too. Yeah,Chocolate taste like Dark Chocolate..

Why does chocolate melt faster than vanilla ice creams?

because vanilla ice cream has been in the frezzer for such a long time and chocolate could just have been on the bench durr!^ -lol.If you mean why chocolate ice cream melts faster than vanilla ice cream, it's probably got to do with one of these things:- Chocolate is darker than vanilla (obviously) meaning heat will be stored more quickly in chocolate.- the chocolate ice cream has a different density than vanilla making it melt more easily.

Is chocolate ice cream healthier than vanilla ice cream?

No =( sad to say, i like chocolate more but the most common brands of vanilla are healthier than the most common of chocolate by a little bit

What is America's favorite ice cream?

the answer is Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, and rocky road

What were the first flavors of ice cream?

it was vanilla, strawberry and chocolate but the main first one was vanilla

What is napolitano?

an ice cream that is a swirl of chocolate vanilla and strawbeery

What was the 1st ice cream flavor?

Either Vanilla or Chocolate.

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