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What happened to justice league unlimited?



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it ended or was cancelled I dont know which, the last episode is the one where lex luthor inadvertantly brings back darkseid and him and his army attacks earth so the justice league team up with lex luthor and all his guys to defend it, lex luthor finds the anti life equation and shows it to darkseid and they both disappear


In the last 2 episodes, Lex Luthor accidentally brings Darkseid back to life instead of Brainiac. Darkseid along with his Apokolips army invades he world. Injustice Gang killed Secret Society. Injustice Gang and Justice League team up. Lex Luthor shows Darkseid the Anti Life Equation and they both disappear. The show ends with the Justice League giving the Injustice Gang a 4 minute 50 second head start to escape.