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The U.S. emerged from WW2 as one of the world's two super-powers, along with the Soviet Union. Very soon after the end of WW2 the U.S. became the key oponent of the Soviet Union in the Cold War.

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What if World War 2 not happened?

the will be no world war 2

What happened to the nations who lost world war 2?

What happened to the nations who lost world war 2?

World wars in order they happened?

World War 1 happened first and World War 2 happened second.

What war happened after World War 2?

The Korean War happened after WW2.

What might have happened if the US had not taken part in world war 2?

Nobody knows.

What happened to the Japanese Ambassador to the US during World War 2?

sent home

What happened with Russian in World War 2?

what happened Germany and allies and Japaneses and Russian in world war 2

What happened befor World War 2?

World War I

What were the consequences for not agreeing to the Treaty of Versailles?

World war 2, which is exactly what happened. World war 2, which is exactly what happened.

What happened during World War 2 in Singapore?

Japan bomb us i think :( - SpyAdventurer

What happened to the US during World War 2?

they won but were missing a lot of soldiers that they lost.

What happened to make the US enter world war 2?

Japans attack on Pearl Harbor

What happened to the US industries during World War 2?

The industries probably destroyed by the Russians.

What happened in World War 2 that allowed the US to go offensive in the Pacific?

The Japanese attacked Pearl harbor and that allowed US to join World war two and get revenge

What happened when the US occupied Japan after World War 2?

the military dictatorship of pre-war Japan was replaced with democracy

What happened in the war of World War 2?


How did the US get involed in World War 2?

Why did the US get involved with world war 2?

What if there was no US in World War 2?

It is pointless to surmise what MIGHT have happened if 'thus and such' had happened, or didn't happen. History is what it is. What if Adolf Hitler had been killed fighting in World War I? See what I mean?

What happened to World War 2 guns after World War 2?

they were modifyed or put in muesuems

What would have happened if the US entered World War 2 any later than they did?

they would of lost. :(

What happened when Japan surrendered in World War 2?

They were occupied by the allies/US, and had to be rebuilt, from the bottom up.

What happened to the relations between the US and the Soviet Union as a result of world war 2?

they died hahaha

What happened to the us armed forces after World War 2 ended?

They were reduced in size and limited budget

After entering World War 2 what happened to Japanese Americans?

They were relocated by the US gov to camps called war relocation camps.

Why did the US not get involved in world war 2?

Actually the US did get involved in World War 2.