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Mr Big was a 1970s and 1990s UK band, formed by Jeff Pain (aka Dicken) and perhaps best known for their 1977 top 5 hit Romeo. The band was active from 1972-1978 and again from 1990-1998. Mr. Big was a United States rock band. They were formed in 1988 and are best known for their 1991 acoustic hit, "To Be With You". Mr. Big combined two popular musical trends of the rock scene in the 1980s: a particular brand of hard rock, focused on melodies and listener-friendly choruses, and impressive technical proficiency, then called shredding. The seeds for the group were sown when bass player Billy Sheehan (among Rock Music's most prominent artists, and present day bass guitarist for guitarist Steve Vai) left David Lee Roth's solo band (also with Vai) in 1988. Almost immediately after his exit, Sheehan began piecing together a new outfit, with the help of Mike Varney from Shrapnel Records, a label specialized in the shredding genre. The band, now managed by former Journey and Santana manager Herbie Herbert comprised of Shrapnel artist and former Racer X guitarist Paul Gilbert, Pat Torpey on drums, and singer Eric Martin, who had a number of album releases throughout the 1980s with his Eric Martin Band. By 1989, the newly formed quartet had already inked a recording contract with Atlantic, resulting in the release of a self-titled debut the same year. Despite causing a buzz amongst musicians, the album failed to crossover to a mainstream rock audience stateside; however, Mr. Big was an immediate smash success overseas in Japan. The band's breakthrough came with their second album, Lean Into It, in 1991. It featured two ballads that established the band as a commercial success: "To Be With You" and "Just Take My Heart", as well as rock songs that remained as staples of their live set for years to come, such as "Green-Tinted Sixties Mind". Other releases followed, Bump Ahead in 1993 and Hey Man in 1996, but the band never replicated its earlier success in the US market. In Japan, on the other hand, they continued to sell out tours, resulting in a number of live releases for the Japanese market throughout their career (from Raw Like Sushi in 1990 to Mr. Big In Japan in 2002). Paul Gilbert left the band in 1997 to pursue a solo career and eventually reform Racer X. Richie Kotzen, another Shrapnel artist and former guitarist for Poison, was brought in to take on guitar duties, also contributing occasional vocals. Two studio albums were released by this lineup: Get Over It in 2000 and Actual Size in 2001, which featured the single "Shine", used as the ending theme in the anime television series Hellsing . Tensions in the band between Billy Sheehan and the other members, especially Eric Martin, led to the band's demise -- contractual obligations for yet another Japanese tour were fulfilled in the form of a "farewell tour". The multi-million record-selling band broke up in 2002, many years since their last US hit, but while still enjoying great popularity in Japan. All of the former members have gone on to other projects in the music industry.

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