What happened to the pink pillbox hat Jackie Kennedy was wearing in Dallas?

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If you read "Death of a President" by William Manchester, on page 408
the first paragraph
A White House policeman gave a brown paper bag with a "bloody pink pillbox hat" to one the the Kennedy children's agent, who in turn gave it to Clint Hill, who was Jackie's bodyguard; so one can conclude it was in Washington, but whatever happened to it is anybodys guess. None of the above answers is copyrighted material
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What happened to John Kennedy in Dallas Texas on November 22 1963?

He flew from Andrews Air Force Base to San Antonio, then visitedNASA in Houston and on to Ft. Worth for a Chamber of Commercebreakfast the next day. It was a short flight to Dallas and themotorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas where he wasshot.

What are pillboxes?

Answer . A sheltered area that you shoot from -- imagine being in a box with a rifle. You cannot be seen or targeted, but you can shoot out of the pillbox.

What happened to Jackie Kennedy's pink suit?

The suit got stained with JFK's blood because she was wearing it when he got shot. The national archives took it and are safe keeping it until at least 2103.

What did Jackie Kennedy do?

As the third youngest First Lady of the United States and the wealthiest, she gave a new sense of style and glamour to the White House. She also set up an integrated kindergarten in the White House while she was the First Lady.

Who was Jackie Kennedy?

Jackie Kennedy was one of the most famous First Ladies in the History of the United States. She was born as Jacqueline Lee Bouvier on July 28th, 1929 to a wealthy upper-class Roman Catholic family in Southampton, New York. She developed her love of poetry, ballet, art, financial stability and French ( Full Answer )

What happened to Jackie Kennedy?

She marries Aristotle Onassis in 1968. After his death in 1975, she becomes a book editor, and works for Viking Press, then Doubleday. She raises John F. Kennedy, Jr and Caroline Kennedy to adulthood. She lives to she the JFK Library built and dedicated (twice). She lives to see Caroline marry and h ( Full Answer )

How many dresses did Jackie Kennedy have?

She had a couple dozen dresses to go along with the hundreds of articles of clothing she owned. She did so she would not been seen to often wearing a piece of clothing, especially in public. Many of her dresses were designed by Oleg Cassini.

What was Jackie Kennedy Onassis' contributions?

Most of her contributions were made possible by others to drew their attention to her. Her fashion styles, book editing, and patronage of art and American culture came about due to her role as First Lady of the United States. Her lasting contributions were the way she used her persona to forward all ( Full Answer )

Why did Jackie Kennedy Onassis die?

Because treatments for her non-Hodgkin's lymphoma failed to stop the spread of the disease. They ceased treatment by early May, and doctors allowed her to leave the hospital so she could die at her home.

Did Jackie Kennedy have an affair with Bobby Kennedy?

They were frequent rumors of this in the 1960s circulated by the tabloid press. Several authors, C. Heymann Wynn in particular, have written books that have alleged this affair. If anyone had the affair, it was Bobby, since he was a married man, while Jackie the recent widow. It is common knowledge ( Full Answer )

Did Jackie Kennedy have an affair with Robert Kennedy?

Well nothing has been confirmed on that yet, although there are plenty of rumours out there that she did. In the book 'America's Queen', the author plainly states that there was some kind of romantic affair going on between Jackie and Bobby and many other books have also taken the same stance. Howev ( Full Answer )

Was the pink suit worn by Jackie Kennedy in Dallas cleaned?

No, the Pink Suit worn by Jackie Kennedy during the assassination was taken off after her return to the White House and picked up by a maid and given to Jackie's Mother Janet. A few days later it was sent wrapped up in a box with the simple date. November 22, 1963 on it. It now sits protected in the ( Full Answer )

Do people still wear what Jackie Kennedy wore?

In a recent appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, Caroline Kennedy told Dave how she chose to wear a blouse and coat that her mother was seen and photographed in while having a conversation with Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., the Historian.

Where did John and Jackie Kennedy meet?

At a dinner party in Georgetown! I believe they met at a party. 1951 at a dinner party with mutual friends. john met jackie at a dinner party with mutual friends in 1951 She first met the young Senator when she was the Inquiring Photographer for a DC newspaper. Later, mutual friends set them up o ( Full Answer )

What happened to Jackie smith of the Dallas Cowboys?

Jackie Smith, who will turn 73 on February 23, 2013, played only one season as a tight end for the Dallas Cowboys. But he will always be remembered for his appearance in Super Bowl XIII, in which he dropped a sure touchdown pass that would have tied the game 21-21 in the third quarter. Smith, who pl ( Full Answer )

What did Jackie Kennedy like to do?

Read books, ride horses, study French culture and history, and spend time with her children and grandchildren.

What brand was Jackie kennedys pink dress?

Although many people think that the famous pink suit was Chanel, it was in fact a Chanel knockoff by the New York based company, Chez Ninon. Shortly after her husband became president, Jackie began to be criticized for wearing to many clothes made by foreign designers. As a result, he hired an Am ( Full Answer )

What happened to Jackie Kennedy's pink dress?

Most reports indicat that shortly after the assassination, a package was received by the National Archives, containing the suit. It was not clear who sent the package but most believe Jacqueline Kennedy's mother sent it. The suit was custom made by Chez Ninon in New York.

Was Jackie Kennedy killed?

No, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis died of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma on May 19th, 1994 in her 5th Avenue New York City Apartment, at the age of 64.

Is Jackie Kennedy a leader?

She didn't regard herself as one, but found herself seen that way by many people around the world.

What flowers did Jackie Kennedy have on her coffin?

She had green ferns and white lily of the valley in the shape of a cross on the top of her coffin. Lily of the valley were one of her favorite flowers...I believe they were one of JFK's also.

What did Jackie Kennedy grab?

If you are referring to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy was grabbing a piece of her husband's skill that had landed in the back of the car that the couple were riding when the motorcade began to sped up after the fatal shots rang out.

What is the value of Jackie Kennedy doll?

I recently cleaned my mother's house that I have inherted, As I was moving boxes out I discovered that I have found a old Jackie Kennedy doll collection. I wanted to know if there is any sentimental value to this precious doll. Thank you for your understanding. Aloha from Hawai'i :-) There is alot ( Full Answer )

Did Jackie Kennedy do Clint Hill?

No. But Nixon Johnson and George Bush 41 all knew. Why is John dean left off the hook. Why has not the press gone after him why alive when on the tapes in 1971, he said I wonder if Teddy knew the Bear trap is is going to run into at Chappaquiddick. Why doesn't somebody ask him that question why this ( Full Answer )

Did Jackie Kennedy influence the world?

Jacqueline ("Jackie") Kennedy Onassis was a glamorous first lady, at a time when first ladies were still generally expected to stay in the background. Her sense of style, both in personal fashion and in decorating the home, influenced the world because she and her husband were so popular. She was al ( Full Answer )

Where is Jackie Kennedy's pink Dallas suit?

At the request of Caroline Kennedy, her late mother's Dallas suit won't be on public display until the year 2103. Until then, the National Archives and Records Administration is storing the clothes in a dark, window-less, temperature-controlled bunker at the agency's complex in Maryland.

Where was Jackie Kennedy onassis's college?

She went to Vassar . She did attend Vassar for two years, then studied at the Sorbonne for a year, returning to George Washington U for her senior year. she graduated in 1951.

Was Jackie Kennedy jealous of John Kennedy?

If she ever was, she never let it on publicity, or was aware of why she married him in the first place, and was not the only woman he craved in his lifetime.

Was Jackie Kennedy abused?

Not physically, but emotionally perhaps (primarily with the tabloids and paparazzi, and likely in regards to the extra-martial affairs she had to deal with privately.)

What ever happened to Jon Wearing from the Tidalwaves and Frijid Pink?

After many years of struggling,Jonny Wearing,one of the hardest working,sincere,and down to earth human beings Ive ever known passed away in his home in Harper Woods ,Michigan.Jon was always the one in the band that took care of the details.He made certain the equipment was at its best and that his ( Full Answer )

What did Jackie Kennedy do when she left office?

She went through a year in mourning for her husband Jack, become the single parent for her children Caroline and John, Jr, and did our only recorded interviews with Theodore H. White, William Manchester, and Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

What watch did Jackie Kennedy wear?

In most photographs during her marriage to John F. Kennedy, she did not wear a wristwatch. She may have had a stopwatch in a purse. Had she worn a watch, the press would have commented on it, and that brand would have done its best to market itself as 'the watch that Jackie Kennedy wears.'

What year did Jackie Kennedy have kids?

1955 - Miscarriage 1955 - Still born daughter (to be named Arabella) 1957 - Caroline Bouvier Kennedy 1960 - John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Junior 1963 - Patrick Bouvier Kennedy (died after three days)

Did Jackie Kennedy live in the Barbizon?

It is not known if Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis ever stayed at the Barbizon 63 in New York City. It would make sense if she knew tenants or sought to preserve the building for historical and architectural significance. But a famous cousin of hers, Edith Bouvier Beale was said to be a one time resident ( Full Answer )

Who was President when Jackie Kennedy was born?

Herbert Hoover was the President of the United States when the then Jacqueline Lee Bouvier was born. Jackie was born on July 28th, 1929. Herbert Hoover became the 31st President of the United States on March 4th, 1929.

Who was Jackie Kennedy survived by?

Jackie Kennedy died in 1994. She was survived by her surviving daughter Caroline, her surviving son John Jr. Who died in 1999, her mother-in-law Rose Kennedy who died in 1995, her five sisters-in-law, and her brother in law Ted who died in 2009.

Why do the dallas coaches wear number 53 on their hats?

Cowboys practice squad Linebacker, Jerry Brown Jr. wore #53. He was killed in an accident when riding passenger with then Cowboys Defensive Tackle Josh Brent. Brent's BAC (Blood-Alcohol Content) was over the legal limit. He was arrested for intoxicated manslaughter.

Did Jackie get John Kennedy pension?

She must have gotten, she had two small children when he died. She must have gotten a pension from the government as he was in office when he died. She certainly lost it when she married Onassis,but the children must have kept it until they finished college. But I have read it was not much of a pens ( Full Answer )