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He was the inventor of the modern Frisbee. His ashes were molded into Frisbees. Original plans were to give some of the discs to friends and sell some of them to raise money for the "Steady" Ed Headrick Memorial Museum which was put in the PDGA International Disc Golf Center in Columbia County, Georgia.

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Steady" Ed Headrick and hisPDGA # is 1

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Ed Headrick is considered the Founder/Father of Frisbee GolfI personally started playing Frisbee golf in the early 1970's. We would pick targets, such as trees , light poles, statues, etc. I'm sure many people started playing Frisbee golf the same way. It was in 1975-6 that Ed Headrick head of marketing at Wham-O designed and patented the first Frisbee Golf Pole Hole. Now there are several Disc Golf Pole Hole manufacturers and thousands of Disc Golf Courses around the world.

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