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Water vapor is a gas once it has evaporated from liquid due to the cause of heat. After it turns into vapor, it will then travel up through the atmosphere and change back into a liquid.

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Q: What happened to water vapor before it turned to water?
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What happened to water vapor before it turns to water?

It cooled.

What is water called when it is turned into gas?

Water vapor

What contributes to the return of water vapor to the atmosphere?

The sun evaporates water from bodies of water, which is turned into water vapor

What is snow and how is it produced?

Snow is frozen water vapor. It is produced when water vapor in the air is turned solid by the freezing temperature.

What is the one word meaning for water which has turned into gas?


What will happened to the water vapor in the air if the temperature drops as predicted?

When the temperature drops the less water vapor in the air

What is created when water vapor in a cloud is turned directly into crystals?


Water vpor changes to liquid water?

Water vapor is turned into liquid water by condensation. This is when it is cooled. Sometimes, when you use a kettle by a window, the steam (water vapor) hits the windows and drips water. This because the water has condensed.

What are the step in evporation?

first water is turned in water vapor and warm air rises then comes condensation and precipitation.

What is a sentence using the word vapour?

ice can be turned into Vapor. You just have to make the pressure low.

What happened to airs ability to hold water vapor as the air gets warmer?

As the air gets warmer, it's ability to hold water vapor increases.

How does water enters the air?

Water vapor enters the air as water at the surface evaporates or as plants transpire water vapor from their leaves.