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Her sister went and got loads of nice clothes! She was last seen with mathew utill he hung him self near where charroltte was mured. tthis mystery has never been disscovered Her sister went and got loads of nice clothes! She was last seen with mathew utill he hung him self near where charroltte was mured. tthis mystery has never been disscovered

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Who was the hangman who hung Matthew weeks?

Matthew Weeks was found guilty of the murder of Charlotte Dymond in 1844. He was hung at Bodmin jail. Charlotte had her throat cut on Bodmin moor. The Ballard of Charlotte Dymond tells the story of this ill fated couple. Matthew Weeks was found guilty of the murder of Charlotte Dymond. Charlotte had her throat cut on Bodmin moor in 1844. The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond tells the story of this ill fated couple.

How did Charlotte Dymond die?

She was murdered by her boyfriend, Matthew Weeks,when they were going out.

How old was Matthew Weeks when he killed Charlotte Dymond?

i think he was 22

What happend to Matthew weeks?

matthew weeks was found guilty of the murder of charlotte dymond and hanged

Who was the hangman in Charlotte Dymond that hanged her boyfriend Matthew?

matthew weeks father

Who actually killed Charlotte Dymond?

well it was Mattew weeks because he admitted to it.

Murder of Charlotte Dymond who was hangman?

matthew weeks father

Who was Matthew weeks?

matthew weeks was engaged to charlotte dymond but he was also accuesed of murdering her and was ater hung

Why was Matthew weeks hanged?

He was hanged because he was supposedly guilty of murdering Charlotte Dymond

How Charlotte Dymond was murdered?

After Charlotte Dymond told Matthew Weeks on Bodmin Moor that she loved another, he made and 8 1/2 inch slither neck with an old-fashioned razor. x

The murder of Charlotte Dymond?

Charlotte Dymond was murdered at Bodmin Moor by Matthew Weeks (her boyfriend) she was a servant at Penhale Farm. After Matthew was found guilty he was hung & more than 20000 people came to watch his death. Hope that's enough

Who killed Charlotte Dymond?

It is thought that Matthew Weeks , her boyfriend, killed her by slitting her throat because she loved someone named Thomas Prout. It is said that they were on a picnic when it happened. Unfortunately we'll never know. :-)

Where did Charlotte Dymond stay on Sunday night?

Charlotte Dymond Went Out With Her Boyfriend Matthew Weeks Whom She Had Been Partnered With For Two Year's . She Went Out With Him On The Sunday Evening Then Matthew Slit Her Neck Because She Was Cheating On Him With Somebody Else So ... Charlotte Stayed Among The Reeds At Rowtor Fords Near Bodwin Moor >> Hope That Helped You :)

What is the ballad of Charlotte Dymond about?

It's about a servant named Charlotte Dymond, who went out with her boyfriend Matthew Weeks And how he murdered her because she loved someone else He was hung for his crime later It's a story about love, betrayal and blood I'm doing it as an English homework, very beautiful yet sad

Who is Charlotte Dymond?

charlotte dymond and her lover matthew weeks was going out for a walk but charlotte never saw the razor he had up his sleeve when they were by the marshes were the cattle stand he pulled out the razor and cut her thoroat and threw her in the ditich there is now a plaque for where she was murded. matthew was hung for his crime but everyone is un sure if he really killed her or she killed her self no one nos but them 2

When was Charlotte Dymond murdered?

Charlotte Dymond was murdered on Sunday the 14th of April 1844. Mathew Weeks was accused of her murder and later hung at bodmin goal for the crime although there is speculation as to whether Mathew was the real killer. Every year on the anniversary of her death, people head to rough tor in the hope of seeing her ghost, who has been spotted in the area on several occasions.

Who murdered Charlotte dimond?

Charlotte Dymond was murdered in Cornwall in 1844. Although one writer about her death, Pat Munn, argues that she committed suicide, most investigators agree that Matthew Weeks was the murderer. He was hanged for the crime on August 12, 1844.

What happened to Charlotte Dymond and why was she killed?

Charlotte dymond was killed with a razor by her boyfriend Matthew weeks because she was actually having an affair with thomas prout she went for a walk with her lover Matthew on bodmin moor and she didnt notice that Matthew had a razor in his hand and he cut her throat eight and a half inches long. Matthew had killed charloote because he found out about her affair with thomas prout she supposely was pregnant to thomas but no ever clarifed it it was on the 14th of April 1844 when she was murded at the age of 18 and she meet thomas only because she was one of his servants but thomas was cheating on his wife and charlotte was cheating on Matthew x

Is the ballad of Charlotte Dymond true?

Yes and there is lots of evidence to prove like there is an exact place called pen hale farm and if you ask the people there it is true on the 12th august Matthew weeks was hung

Who was charlotte dymonds employer?

Charlotte was working for Mrs Phillipa Peter at Penhale Farm.'The owner was a 61 year old widow, Phillipa Peter, who ran the holding with the assistance of her 38 year old son, John, and three live-in servants, John Stevens, Matthew Weeks and Charlotte Dymond.' taken from

Facts about charlotte dymond?

Charlotte Dymond was the victim of a still uncertain murder ... or was it unintentionally? Charlotte was a servant at Penhale Farm, on the edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. She had a relationship with Matthew Weeks, who was a crippled farmhand. On a Sunday 14th April, in the afternoon, the couple walked out on the Moor to the foot of Roughtor. Some think this is where they became mix up in an argument. Then Matthew lost his temper and cut her throat. But then others say (e.g. The ballad of Charlotte Dymond) Matthew had planned it through jealousy for apparently Charlotte had another lover, Harvey. So he had a razor up his sleeve ready for the right moment. Her body was found in a stream near Roughtor Ford a week later, by which time Matthew had fled. He was captured in Plymouth, and later was sentenced to a public hanging in Bodmin, where a crowd of 20,000 watched him hang. He was buried in the Gaol's coal yard. Quick Facts: 1. Charlotte was born in 1826. 2. She died in 1844 when she 18. 3. Her boyfriend (Matthew Weeks) was 22 when he killed her. 4. Charlotte worked for Mrs Phillipa Peter.

Who was Charlotte dymond?

CharlotteDiamond was a domestic servant of the 1800'sher birthday was unknown as it was such a long time ago , legend has it that the last people to see Charlotte were Annabel an John .Matthew Weeks was accused of her murder even though there was no strict evidence an was later hanged , the only evidence against him was when Charlotte left Annabel's home Matthew was with her but it was fogy so they lost each other an then she was later found dead .

Why is Matthew Weeks innocent?

Please read Pat Munn's book "The Murder of Charlotte Dymond" it's not too long or heavy but it outlines EXACTLY how and why the evidence is not enough to deliver a guilty verdict, no matter whether you think he did it or not. It's not to say he's innocent, but he should not have been found guilty.

Why did Matthew kill Charlotte Dymond?

No-one really knows if Matthew Weeks did kill Charlotte, to be honest they had no-one else to blame so they just blamed Matthew. But some people do say that even though Matthew was "the last person to see her" a man called Thomas Prout was actually the last person, because when Matthew and Charlotte went on a walk together he left her half way, and a source said her saw her with another man when Matthew left.

How long does it take mail to get from Ohio to Charlotte?

two weeks

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