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Q: What happened when you accidentally touched a sharp object?
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Could a 9 month old accidentally kill himself with a sharp knife or object?


Can you cut fingers on violin strings?

Yes, it actually happened to me once. My string broke during rehearsals so I had to change it. Since the old string cut into two, I accidentally touched the sharp edge & it cut through my middle finger. Of course, my finger bled. So you just have to be very careful about changing strings next time, be vigilant as to if your string has a sharp edge or not.

Which side does a soap bubble pop?

uhh, the side closest to the object that touched the particular space on the bubble that was touched by a bubble popping object such as a sharp needle or a finger, I dunno, the same side that the balloon pops with? WHADDYA MEAN WHICH SIDE? IN ORDER TO POP SOMETHING PIERCES IT, THAT'S WHICH SIDE!!!

What is important about sharp object safety?

Sharp/pointed object safety is important because sharp things without care can cause injury.

What is the meaning of the safety symbol sharp object?

The sharp object symbol is a warning that a sharp object is present and you should be careful using it. Also, if its a knife or razor, hold it the proper way and don't fool around.

When did Sharp Shot happen?

Sharp Shot happened in 1982.

What are puncture wounds?

Penetrated with sharp object

Object oriented programming in c sharp?

Yes, C# is object orientated.

When did Operation Sharp Edge happen?

Operation Sharp Edge happened in 1990.

Tightening of credit and a sharp decrease in farm prices led to what?

Yes, the tightening of credit and a sharp decrease in farm prices touched of the Panic of 1819.

How do you stab a Russian?

With a sharp object, maybe a knife.

Which sharp object found in garden?

grass cutter