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At what time and where? Censorship has been used for many different reasons in many different places in several times. It was used in the 1700s and 1800s to prevent people talking bad about the government around the world; it was used in the 1900s to prevent demoralising news reach troops and civilians; it is still used in the 2000s to stop people promoting a government or social order other than the incumbent.

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Q: What happened with censorship?
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What happend in 1835 about censorship?

your mom was born that is what happened in 1835 with censorship!

What is tv censorship?

what is a tv censorship

What is a sentence with censorship in it?

Censorship is getting out of hand.The censorship of the television was a bit far-fetched.Censorship exists to protect people from harmful content.

When did censorship begin in Houston Tx?

Censorship is against the Bill of Rights freedom of expression. If there is any censorship that is illegal, so your answer to the question is that there isn't any censorship.

What are the postives of censorship?

Censorship can prevent hate speech

Why is censorship wrong?

Censorship is wrong because the audience will end up confused over the bleeps, pixelations, and whatever other methods are used. People will end up not knowing the truth because it is hidden. Bleeps get in the way and in some cases cover normal words. Censorship in some cases can be as bad as denying important events that happened in history, such as the Holocaust. Censorship infringes free speech because what you submit has to be modified. The United States is called, "the land of the free", but it isn't because of censorship in the media.

What forms did censorship take in Australia?

what form did the censorship take

What year did censorship begin?

When did censorship in children's literature begin?

When was Index on Censorship created?

Index on Censorship was created in 1972.

When was Office of Censorship created?

Office of Censorship was created in 1941.

When did Office of Censorship end?

Office of Censorship ended in 1945.

When was No More Censorship created?

No More Censorship was created in 1988-08.

What a sentence using term censorship correctly?

Censorship board is the one that censors movies in India. Banning a book is considered censorship. The intention of censorship is to protect either ideology or morals, but rarely works.

Is Israelli internet censorship biased?

Any censorship is necessarily biased no matter who does it.

When was Feminists Against Censorship created?

Feminists Against Censorship was created in 1989.

When was Campaign Against Censorship created?

Campaign Against Censorship was created in 1968.

Freedom of expression is limited by what?

one of the circumstances for freedom of expression is censorship.

When was the book Censorship in Afghanistan written?

Censorship in Afghanistan was written in 2011, but the various Afghan governments have employed censorship since Afghanistan was first civilized.

How did slavery show censorship?

it showed censorship because it deprived colored people their righes

When the government uses censorship what are they limiting?

The government limits freedom of speech when they use censorship.

Can you give a sentence using censorship?

The new regular show epsiode was under a parental censorship. The library used censorship to keep some books off their shelves.

Is there censorship in the US?

Censorship is very powerful in the US. If you survive their tactics you would to believe this to be true.

Why is unecessary censorship funny?

Unnecessary censorship is funny because it contains funny moments and images.

Is censorship ever all right or justified?

Censorship is a sticky issue with many differing opinions. Some feel that censorship is never fine, but others think that censorship is sometimes needed. Here are some viewpoints on it: No. Censorship should not be pracitced since the free spread of ideas is needed to have a free society. Yes! Censorship should be used wisely but not to completely control society. Censorship helps protect children and those in society. Kiddy porn is disgusting and without Censorship Laws it would be on-going (still is) but they are being caught a lot faster these days as you can see if you watch the news. Censorship can help protect people's children or trusting people from being cheated and used.

What age group is most affected by censorship?

Age groups affected most by censorship depends on the target of the censorship. Here are a few examples of what is meant by the first sentence:A. Government censorship of the news most affects voters in a society. The evils this type of censorship brings is " spoken" about in the 1st Amendment in the Bill of Rights within the US Constitution;B. Censorship regarding sales of cigarettes and pornography mostly affects the "minors" the censorship is targeting. This a societal type of censorship and clearly not the danger the censorship[ of the news is.C. Mass media censorship in the nations entertainment business such as TV programming affects a large part of the population; Example is pornography; Most citizens of a nation will agree that as that all age groups are affected by this. That it is a "good thing" makes sense as adults can access pornography if they so chose and not have it offend any segment of the population.