What happened with the red river 44 crash?

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What happened to Crash Holly?

crash holly died on 2003 after steven Richards found him face downon the toilet covered in blood and vomit.

What happened in 44 bc?

In 44 BCE, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony were Consuls. On the ides(the 15th) of March Julius Caesar was assassinated.

What happened in the twin tower crash?

Both of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City collapsed on September 11, 2001 as a result of impacts by large passenger jets, hijacked by Islamic terrorists and flown into the towers in a suicide attack. Although the towers withstood the initial impacts of the planes, fires f ( Full Answer )

Why did the stock market crash happen?

The stock market crash happened due to a variety of reasons. 1. Banking failures in US 2. Mortgage crisis - too many foreclosures 3. Weak customer belief in stock market 4. Panic People were afraid that they'll lose money in the market so they started selling their investments there ( Full Answer )

What happens when your computer crashes?

Well most of the time your computer crashes because something even went wrong with the software or your computer has some type of program doing the crashes 80% of the time your computer crashes because there is a malfunction in the software which is not good but not bad just get the reboot Cd/recove ( Full Answer )

How did the Wall Street crash happen?

The Wall street Crash of 1929 occured because at that time, people were making money through shares and stocks. On October 24, 1929, stockholders started selling their stocks. Otherstockholders started to freak out and hastily put their stocks up for sale too. Well because there were lots of stock ( Full Answer )

What happens when meteor crashes?

if a meteor crashs, it makes a crater and explodes when the inpact of it, comes through a atsmophere

Who was number 44 of the Red Sox?

44 is currently worn by Jason Raymond Bay. On July 31, 2008, Bay and a player to be named later (Josh Wilson) were traded to the Boston Red Sox in a three team deal that sent Manny Ramirez to the Los Angeles Dodgers and Andy LaRoche with Bryan Morris to the Pittsburgh Pirates from the Dodgers and B ( Full Answer )

What happens when a plane crashes?

In the worst case scenario people may lose their bagage during the turbulence or the aircraft and also the damage towards the plane. they may also spill their drinks on their laps which is a major difficulty to the person

When and how did the crash over the Hudson River happen?

From my knowledge after watching the news..The crash happened on January15th. Within 3 minutes after taking off from LaGuardia airport the plane's engines stopped running due to the fact that birds got in there somehow. The pilot could not turn around and go back because of the populated buildings a ( Full Answer )

How did the Lehman Brothers crash happen?

Lehman Brothers was a big player in the mortgage-backed securities market.\n. \nMBS are created by purchasing a bunch of mortgages, putting them in a pool then selling shares of the pool. They work fine until a lot of people default on their mortgages, as happened when all the ARMs reset.

What Happened after Amelia Earhart Crashed?

Amelia Earhart Crashed on an island in Hawaii on her way around the world. She then got captured in one of the jails for intruding with a crash. She was not treated well from the crash, and she died leaving her navigator to starve to death.

What happens to people in car crashes?

In a car wreck, a persons body will always move toward the point of impact. Along with your body, any unsecured objects in the car with you, will move towards the impact. This is why having your front license plate in your dash board is very dangerous for you and your passengers. Air bags have been ( Full Answer )

How did the Hudson plane crash happen?

The plane suffered an extremely unlucky double bird strike after hitting a flock of birds. With both engines destroyed, their plane essentially a glider, the pilots weighed the limited options - from 3000 (?) feet, they did not have the range to execute a turn and return to laguardia. They also fear ( Full Answer )

What happens if you crash into a celebrity?

Well it depens who you are, if your one of those people that makes everything looks embarrasing for yourself obviously its gonna be the worst few minutes of your life. But if your just stay cool this could be your lucky moment and you will get spotted and be on BIG TV for the rest of your life!

Why did the housing crash happen?

The housing crash, however, did not happen overnight. A number of factors contributed to the housing crash resulting extensive foreclosures and plummeting housing prices to their all time low. One of the main cause for the housing crash lies in the fact that banks and financial institutions were len ( Full Answer )

Where do most car crashes happen?

Minor accidents happen in heavy traffic or on highways where as serious crashes happen more out on the open road where people speed more and there are sharp corners

What happened Bakugan episode 44?

what happened was everybody was blown up by a c4 and then they were resurected by the ultra man in limited edition epidode 900 LIES. i have not seen it but i know this is lies. i know enough about bakugan to know this is pure lies

Where do most crashes happen?

The factois is that most automobile accidents happen "A few miles from your home" this is due primarily to the fact that most driving is done "A few miles from your home" Most accidents occur on rural highways. Driver behaviour (bad driving, inattention, speed, "road rage", etc.) and equipment fail ( Full Answer )

Which are the 44 rivers in kerala?

Periyar River (244) . Bharatapuzha River (209) . Pamba River (176) . Chaliyar River (169) . Chalakudy River (169) . Kadalundy River (130) . Achankoil River (128) . Kallada River (121) . Muvattupuzha River (121) . Valapattanam River (110) . Chandragiri River (105) . Manimala River (90) . ( Full Answer )

What happens when galaxies crash?

when galaxies crash stars have tiny cross sections, but gas clouds have big cross sections, so they cross and stick generating shock waves and star formation.Then, millions of star clusters crash, forming dust lanes

What happened on the night the titanic crashed?

Well, the Titanic crashed because the ship ran into an iceberg. People were skeptical because the ship was supposed to be unsinkable, but that didn't last for long. The ship ended up sinking at around 2:30am in the morning of April 15th, 1912. The titanic crashed into the iceberg at 11:42 PM Her for ( Full Answer )

What happens if you crash into a power pole?

This just happened in front of my Mother's apartment bldg. A pickup truck was speeding and hit the power pole that holds two big transformers on it. The pole bent to the ground and the transformers made such a loud explosion like a plane crashing. The truck rolled over it and ran into the next pole ( Full Answer )

What happened to Louis riel after red river rebellion?

After the Red River Resistance, Louis Riel spent most of the following 15 years in the USA. He was elected to the House of Commons three times, but was never allowed to take his seat. In 1885, he returned to lead the Northwest Rebellion, after which he was tried for treason, found guilty, and hang ( Full Answer )

What happened at the Red River Settlement?

Metis lived around Red River Settlement. Settlers came and the Metis didn't want people there. They were living there and they didn't want anyone else to live there. They burned the settler's settlement twice. Finally the Prime Minister decided that to make peace, they'd make the Red River Settle ( Full Answer )

What would happen if SpringBoard crashes?

on an iPod touch, if Springboard crashes, it'll reset your iPod and put it into safe mode. Like a computer goes into when it crashes and you restart it. The only difference is that you can work with ANYTHING in safe mode on your ipod touch, which is necessarily the iPods state after springboard cras ( Full Answer )

What happened when drake bell had his crash?

On December 29, 2005, Bell was involved in a car accident on Los Angeles's Pacific Coast Highway. He was driving with a friend when a truck ran a red light and caused a head-on collision. This resulted in a fractured neck, a jaw broken in three places, six missing teeth, and several facial laceratio ( Full Answer )

What happens to passengers when a plane crashes?

If the crash is severe enough, the plane may break apart, and likely catch fire from the remaining fuel in the wings. At high speeds, passenger jets (being made from lightweight aluminum and plastics) tend to disintegrate completely, killing everyone and reducing the plane to several thousand fragme ( Full Answer )

What happens when the earth crashes into the sun?

its impossible that earth could possibly crash into the sun. its only asteroids. the end of the world starts with the sun. next the sun gets hotter and hotter turning hydrogen into helium. then the core pushes the outer layers of the sun suddently it swallows mercury venus and possibly the earth unl ( Full Answer )

How did stock market crash happen?

Stock markets crash for several reasons..... Speculators buy and sell stock for profit, plain and simple. Some people have what is call a stop-loss on their stock positions, enough of these electronic stop losses triggered at one time can and has in the past caused crashes. Another reasons is medi ( Full Answer )

Who was number 44 on the Boston Red Sox?

Lars Anderson (born September 25, 1987, in Oakland, California) is a professional baseball first baseman with the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball and is number 44 on the team!

What happens if Luna crashes into Earth?

Seeing as the Luna weighs about over 4 trillion tons, most of it would disintegrate in earth's atmosphere, but however, the shock wave of impact will inflict great damage.

What year did the crash of titanic happen?

The Titanic collided with the iceberg at 11:40 pm on April 14, 1912 and finally sank 2 hours and 40 minutes later at 12:20 pm on April 15, 1912

What happens when a computer drive crashes?

When a computer's hard disk drive crashes, it means the data can't be properly accessed, but the data still remains. It differs from an operating system crash, and is considered a "physical" malfunction. Data from a failed hard disk drive can sometimes be recovered, or in some cases, partially recov ( Full Answer )

What would happen if the Red River Rebellion have never happened?

No Red River Rebellion? That would mean no Canada in Red River. Theresistance to Canadian rule could only not occur if Canada had nottaken the area by force, which would mean no Canada in westernNorth America. Without Canada, backed by Britain, holding back the American'swould have been left to a c ( Full Answer )

What happens if china crashes?

What happens if China goes down ? Have you ever seen an item thatthe tag doesn't say "Made in China". Very rare. If China goes downthe whole world will probably plummet. That is how the world willone day end. Ever heard of 'Supply and Demand' ? Well they supplyand all the other 6 continents are supp ( Full Answer )

What happen when an airplane crash in space?

airplane cannot cross the gravity.so even if it crashes then it would not come to earth because it do not have any gravity to bring it down. so it keeps flying..