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What happened with the spoil system?

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Andrew Jackson used the spoils system. While presidents before him chose the best people for their cabinet, Jackson chose the people who helped him win the election. This unofficial group of advisors were called the "Kitchen Cabinet".

The spoils system was the practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs.

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What is the spoil system?

The spoil system is the practice of a successful political party giving public office to its supporters.

Is the spoil system legal?


Who ended the spoil system?

Your mom did

What was good and bad about the spoil system?


How was Andrew Jackson undemocratic?

spoil system

Who created the spoil system?

Andrew Jackson

What is the system when a leader gives government jobs to his friends?

The Spoil System

Who invented spoil system?

Andrew Jackson was the one who invented the "Spoiles System"

Why was the Pendleton Act passed?

To get rid of the spoil system.

How did several presidents reform the spoil system?

they didn't

Who introduced spoil system?

President Andrew Jackson

How did pendleton act end the spoil system?


Do Sentences with the word spoil system?

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What is a spoil system and how did Jackson use it?

it is a physical change.

Who used the spoil system during the presidency?

Andrew Jackson

What was one of the benefit of the spoil system?

It boosted political participation.

How was the spoil system flawed?

System was based upon favors to political supporters with no basis on ability.

Andrew jackson started which system with his cabinet?

Andrew Jackson started the 'spoil system' with his cabinet.

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The Pendleton Civil Service Act attempted to reform the?

spoil system ;)

Why was Andrew Jackson's spoil system wrong?

the best answer is 12345 dogs

What did Andrew Jackson reward the spoils system with?

the spoil system was when the president gives his voters government jobs.

What ended the spoil system?

The law that ended the spoils system came with the passage of the Pendleton Act in 1883

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This president worked to limit the spoil system and was later assassinated?

James Garfield