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He challenges you then he gives you that team galactic suit all the grunts wear. (Pokemon are less likely to appear after you become team galactic) also you can get a master ball and a zubat after meeting Saturn in Team Galactic at the HQ on the highist level.

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Where in Sunny shore City is Cyrus in Pokemon diamond?

he will appear at random in his grandparents house!

How do you get to the light house sunny shore city in emerald?

there is no sunny shore city on emerald

How do you get to sunny shore on Pokemon Diamond?

to get to sunny shore in Pokemon diamond you need to catch dialga at spear pillar

How do you get the guy to move outside sunny shore city peal?

you need to defeat cyrus at the veilstone team galactic hq then the guy will move k?

Sunny shore city?

Sunny Shore City is a location in the games Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum. The city is powered by solar energy.

Where is is the seal shop in sunny shore on platinum?

The seal shop in dimand, pearl, and platinum is in sunny shore nere the poke'mart. I hope this helps

Where do you go after defeating Cyrus in the other dimension?

go 2 route 222, the annoying guy wont be there ^-^ so u can go 2 sunny shore city

Who is the leader at sunny shore gym?


Who is the sunny shore gym leader?


How to get to sunny shore city?

kiss your mom in the game

How do you get to sunny shore after distortion world?

Action replay

How do you get seals in sunny shore city?

you have to get dialga / palkia

What is your Jersey Shore nickname if your name is jessica?


What is the hm that you get in the sunny shore gym?

HM Waterfall

Where is the Sunny Shore City Gym?

in sanny shore city you go to the top and left corner that is where it is

How do you get past the guy blocking sunny shore city in diamond?

You need to first defeat Cyrus (galactic boss) at the top of mt. coronet, then dialga. After that the person blocking the way shouldn't be there anymore

What is likely to happen after a hot sunny day on the sea shore?

Cool air from the shore will travel to the sea.

Where do you find a thunder stone in diamond?

Sunny shore city

Where is the sunny shore foot doctor?

I'm sorry, there is no such thing.

Pokemon platinum how do you get to battle in sunny shore?

gym leader

Where is the lighthouse in poke pearl?

It's in Sunny Shore City

What forms near the warm sunny shore?

Coral Reefs

What Pokemon can you get outside sunny shore city?

None sorry.

How do you get to sunny shore city if you already beat the gym?

Fly there.

How do you get pass the guy and go to sunny shore?

Get the legendary guy

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