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What happens at the end of horror movies?


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September 13, 2011 11:56AM

horror movies usually end with the victim escaping from near death...but at the end of these films there is usually some indication that the villain will be back....but not always. films like the shining and the exorcist have what i call the 50 / 50 ending...this is where some people escape unharmed but the villain or evil entity is still alive and well. In a slasher film that has no intention of a sequel...for example terror train....the villain will be killed and our victim will survive...usually a virgin or a goodie goodie two shoes type of chick ....and the same thing happens in other slasher films but there is an indication that the villain will come back...nightmare on elm street, Halloween and Friday the 13th for example. On some occasions the villain wins such the original evil dead and i know what you did last summer.