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their stomach will get very upset and there is a probability, depending on the dog, she might get some dog characteristics, OR she could also get the worms and parasites the dog has

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Q: What happens if a baby eats dog vomit?
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Why does when one of your male dogs vomit he eats his vomit then your other male dog eats the others vomit?

naol saba said it

What will happen to your dog if it eats a feather?

He will simply digest it and get an unpleasent taste in his mouth. He may vomit. Do not be alarmed if this happens.

What is the name of the dog who eats vomit?


What do you do after your dog eats an onion skin?

If a dog eats the skin of an onion, there is nothing to worry about. There is no health risk to the animal. If the onion upsets the dog it may vomit.

What happens if a dog eats a cotton ball with peroxide on it?

Well. Firstly, the dog would pass through the cotton ball, or would vomit it out. For the peroxide, that will be fine because vets actually give dogs that when they need the dog to vomit. So, the dog would be perfectly fine, maybe it might have a stomach ache but nothing major to worry about. Hope I helped! :)

What happens if a dog eats sperm?

nothing happens

What happens if a dog eats a dirty diaper?

The dog is gonna get sick so, it's gonna throw it up or Sh*t it out The absorbent stuff may swell in it'stomach. If the dog doesn't vomit or pass it out, go the Vet.Meanwhile, don't kiss the dog on the mouth.

What to do when a dog eats nectarine pits?

There is nothing to worry about or to do if a dog eats a nectarine pit. If the nectarine pit upsets the animal, the animal will vomit on its own. This is not a health risk to the animal.

What happens if a dog eats prosciutto?

You will have a very happy dog.

What if puppy eats a mouse?

if a dog eats mice poison you should see a vet about it

What happens if a dog eats superglue?


What happens if your dog eats shampoo?

If your dog eats shampoo nothing happens. When I'm in my bath I let my dog eat the extra marks pf shampoo I leave on the side